Android 2.2 Froyo Announced with Tons of New Features

First up, Android 2.2 Froyo is a huge improvement over any of the previous Android releases. It is up to 2 – 5 times faster than Android 2.1 alone! Oh and the Google branded Nexus One users will be the first ones to get the update.

  1. USB and Wi-Fi Internet Tethering.
  2. 2 to 3 times improvement in JavaScript.
  3. 2 to 5 times better performance of Android on the same hardware!
  4. V8 Codec support, a new standard for online media by Google.
  5. New and improved browser, claimed to be the fastest browser yet on Android, let’s see if it beats Safari mobile on iPhone and Opera Mini as well.
  6. Compass support for Google Maps in the browser, no need to launch the Maps app anymore for compass support.
  7. Improved Google Voice Search, recognizes long and complicated sentences easily.
  8. Full Flash support in the web browser! What are you going to do about this one Apple?
  9. A widget that helps you search your Android device, apps for market and much more!
  10. Ability to search within app data.
  11. Improved crash reporting to developers, sends out vital details about the crash so it can be prevented or fixed in the future.
  12. Over the air application downloading via non-mobile store version from any PC on to your device.
  13. Streaming your non-DRM home music library straight onto your Android device, Apple needs to counter this one somehow with a service of their own!
  14. Purchase your music over the air from a non mobile destination right onto your device.
  15. Install apps on your SD-card, finally it’s here!
  16. One step to update all your apps, no need to update your apps one at a time.
  17. An improved Android market, buy your apps and games from the web Android Market and send them straight to your phone.
  18. Use voice gestures to trigger apps.

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