Windows Phone 7 Vs Android 2.2 Froyo

Getting a new smartphone seems to be difficult today. There is huge variant each phone manufacturer has created and it is truly confusing to select one of those to love. You also might consider which operating system type is best now, which design is chic and fits you best, and what specifications to efficiently support your needs. You cannot get all the answers instantly since you should search for it one by one. This post can be your good start to determine what operating system is better Android 2.2 or Windows 7.

Currently people greet the new Google’s mobile OS Android cheerfully and it becomes massively popular. Analysts have reckoned it will be the most used OS by 2012. On the other side Windows Phone 7 is another OS which is popular as a pretty awful mobile OS. Thus, it can be very difficult to compare both operating system head to head.

Tiles and Grids
Windows Phone 7 implements a system based on Tiles and hubs. This OS didn’t follow the trend among operating systems which use grids or have multiple homescreens. In a Windows Phone 7 users get a single ‘Start screen’ and Menu list which are not pinned to the Start screen. However, you can customize the Start screen by pressing down them in the Menu list and choosing ‘pin to start.’ It shows us that users will find it very useful to pin practically contacts, shortcuts, and the web pages. It also is deniable that Windows Phone 7 looks unique and easy to operate.

On the other side, Google do the opposite way by giving more than one homescreen. It sounds great for heavy app users, for you can get all shortcuts organized and find them easily.

Storage System
Microsoft seems to limit its storage capacity on 8GB or 16 GB and the majority of its devices miss out on a microSD card slot. It sounds a bit strange while Google equips its high-end devices with anything from 16GB to 32GB or even higher when it comes to expandable storage. We find what Google did, and other developers did as well, makes sense since a high-end smartphone is addressed to do multiple tasks such as transporting music, games, applications which requires a big storage

Android 2.2 is known best with its good keyboard which spoils users to have easy messaging and writing long emails in a fluent process. It will add Android’s point to win over iPhone iOS 4. However, we also should pay attention to what windows Phone 7 has brought to table. Its keyboard uses an intuitive layout which offers accurate and is easy to operate.

Android knows well that providing a complete Google’s Android Market is important for supporting good smartphone OS game needs. You can check it out on the Android Market website and get any kind of apps you like. Microsoft does the same thing and learns it from Apple. Now Windows Phone 7 users can enjoy more than 1000 applications which are all stocked on the Marketplace.

It is easy to guess that Windows Phone 7 brings Internet Explorer on the device, but the shocking part is users will find the exclusive experience of using the browser. It has pinch-to-zoom functionality, tabbed browsing, easy bookmark and the web pages do render very well. However, you will not see Flash or Silverlight support now since Microsoft announce the Flash 10.1 upgrade will be released later.

It seems to be too contrastive as we take a look at what Android does. Android 2.2 devices get full Flash support, and even you can directly watch videos from a web-page and access BBC iPlayer on the phone.

Additional Features
Android 2.2 offers copy and paste functionality, tethering, downloading Over The Air app directly from browsing, creating folders, and installing Apps to SD card support. All those features make Android 2.2 won over Windows Phone 7. However, Microsoft strategically builds cool features to grab your attention like Xbox live and a dedicated Microsoft Office Hub.

All in all, Windows Phone 7 has a good start to fight against the domination of Android 2.2. You can conclude that Android 2.2 has more support from Google which is known as a giant internet with a lot of innovations. It is natural that we confess Android 2.2, at present, is a bit superior all around, though Windows Phone 7 has come as an impressive operating system with potential incredible features.


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