Milestone Run – 10Jun2016

1I’m very happy today as I’d achieved a milestone in my run. I’d completed a 7km run without a single stop, no water intake breathing normally and no body or leg pain. With a pace of around 10min/km. (I know what you are saying, what, my grandma can run faster than that). But this pace has a reason. I have to maintain my heart rate within Zone3 bpm range. As according to my HeartRate coach Adrian, to loose weight I have to maintain my bpm within zone3 bpm at min 80% or more than 1 hour of my workout. There are so many point I wanna sped away, but have to stay calm. So even lengluis (pretty girls), children, even old auntie passed me I also have to maintain my cool. In the process I begin to find a form of running. Thanks to coach Siaw Cheng for teaching me breathing naturally and coach rabbit for good running posture.
For now I’m still perspiring none stop while typing this. I guess it is fat burning now.
My next step is to run in this form by cutting a minute off each km. It is not easy to maintain within the HR zone. But I’ll try.


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