Running Log – 13June2016

I almost give up in less than 2 km into the planned 10 km routine today. But luckily for me that I’d persevered. If I were to give up, i couldn’t find my second wind to finish off in higher speed.

This is my usual running place, Botanic Park, where 1 loop is made of 4 km in distance. So my plan for today is 10 km, 2.5 loop. Full of enthusiasm, I took off after a brief warm up. Into the 500 m, my left calve and shin felt heavy and the pain is building up as I run. I stop for a brief shaking of the calve and ran again, but the situation was the same. I ran for a couple of meters and stop again. The 1st km pace was 9:50 min/km. Still below 10 mins 🙂 The pain grew in strength into the 2nd km, where i couldn’t even walk properly. I thought to myself, that’s it, I should call it the day and shouldn’t push myself too much. After all I’d work so hard the previous week (that’s my evil side trying to stop me), then my angel side asked me to push on for another km and see how.
I read somewhere before that this could be due to lactic acid building up in my leg and that my lactate threshold is not great. Then I did the unthinkable, I punched my leg calve like the rocky movie and did some kungfu kick like the bruce lee. That ease my left leg a bit which enable me to push on. 10:50 min/km not great. The 3rd km finished at 11 min/km. That’s worse than ever. Somehow, I need to go back to base, I had to finish it. Which I made it barely.

After a brief rest, a quick mob at my drenched body with a 2 quick gulp of water, I continued the 2nd loop (ya another 4km). Surprise, surprise, I found my second wind. I’m able to run faster this time, my leg is lighter (which I couldn’t explain), the pain on my left calve and shin was gone, both my leg is somehow stronger, I could balance my run which enable me to peddle strongly along the gravel running road path. All the pace in each km of the 2nd loop record shorter time, and I even finished at 7:50 min/km at the last km.

A quick look at the sky, the sun was replaced with moon now, and all the street lights is switched on for the night shift. It is time to go back now, with a happy feeling that I’d accomplished a good run today.

Quote for today: “Pain is temporary, to give up is to regret later.

6:30 pm – 7:40 pm: Running from evening to sunset to the street lamp with dark running lane.

Can’t finish the planned 10 km, only managed to complete 8 km.


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