Running Log – 19June2016

lsdUnlike previous 20km attempt (15/5) where my legs cramped at km19, I’m able to shed off about 22 mins this time. Avg pace also shed off by about 1 min to 8.49m/km. Ate a mini bah Chang in the morning with Milo. With less than 4 hours sleep, and left leg calf fatigue and tightness at the first 2 KM, I know I can’t stop. Drink sodium pack water at about km 5, 7, 12, 18. Able to spread the intake of sodium to avoid cramp. And also wored calves guard today. so no cramp today and I’m really happy about it. So to reach at 2.45hour for 20km, I need to shed off another 30s-40s off the avg pace. Let’s do it next week.

I felt the push and pull factor today where I’m surprise to see my lap time (1km) is mostly less than my usual 10mins/km. So avg out to 8.49min/km at the end.

New shoe (GTS-16) so a bit of bruises in the left leg.



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