Running Experience – 4Oct2016

oren-sport-royal-klang-town-run-2012-001When you go to Stadium Kota Raja, one can’t help to have a feeling that you are entering into the place of hidden dragon crouching tiger, or The Dragon Inn where you simply throw a piece of stones you shall hit a sifu level runners who has years of running experience in his belt.

So, I was there for a casual run (supposingly)…and you thought bumping into your ex would be an odd feeling but no …I bumped into sifu WeiHoo who dragged me running the circle in 6min/km pace until my leg is numb. Just when I thought it is over, came another sifu Peter who said, “Simon would you want to join us to TR and back here? It would be fun” … Imagine that.

At first Peter was ‘nice’ and said things like no problem take your time…and at about 1+km to the finishing line and when I have no energy left, that’s where sifu Peter starts his crazy pep talks…”come on you can do it, don’t you stop, speed up, follow me closely” and he is doing like 6min/km speed…. I almost vomit and faint when reaching the finishing line.

Nevertheless I thank you both sifu WeiHoo and sifu Peter.
So will I show up at stadium tomorrow? ……. Why not……I’m a sucker hahaha


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