30k LSD – 12Feb2017

30km route

You need to run slow in order to get faster. This is the fundamental basic of Long Slow Distance (LSD). I didn’t quite understand it though I’d joined SRR since April last year. And things started to get interesting today when I’d tried the real LSD. I’d achieve my PB in terms of none stop running for the distance of about 27km. It is NOT about pacing today, as Master Chew discourage me to check my watch frequently. It is about how long of a distance you can hold without stopping.

Please note I am not an expert – I just like to research and experiment, and I’m still learning the correct way of running

My strategy was simple, reach the next water station and assess my condition. Our water station is placed at about 6km apart. We started real slow, like 8+min pace. And it was like this throughout the course. When I picked up the cadence to up the speed, Master will pull me back to that pace. It is not easy at all to run slow (if you want to know), more so at a consistent speed. I got to respect Master as he can hold a conversation throughout the course. I was unable to have conversion with him in the first 3km, but gradually able to speak with him and even laugh as well at the later stage. This has some sort expanded the lung or diaphragm and I found my run is getting easier.

The good thing is that I don’t have any pain in my body where I’d used to have in my previous run, and I’d covered more distance in one go today. This is very encouraging for me, as I know that I’m indulging the world of long distance running properly this time, and that today is the basic building block in achieving greater distance with less injury and in a more joyful manner.

This is the summary of what I’d benefited by running slow in today’s LSD:

  • Not much stopping (except at the 3 water station, less than 1 min each). Literally non-stop running throughout the course.
  • Only consume 1 bottle of water, 2 banana and 1 small cup of 100plus.
  • Able to hold conversation for the period of 3.5 hours of run.
  • Running in a group has a mysterious feeling that can give you more power to go on 1 more km. And has make me less focus on my pain and concentrate on completing the mileage
  • There are so many running tips shared by Master. It is like a mini lecture during the running course. For example, do you know why LSD is set to 30km, and not 25km or 35km?
With Master Chew
With Master Chew

So I’m encouraging all runners to run in group. It gives you power (this I cannot explain in words and that you need to experience it in order to understand it). For those inexperience runner like me will be able to pick up running tips to run better, and for those season runner (sifu and masters level) are able to share their running wisdom to the next generation.

Btw, my watch told me that I’d achieved 2 records today,

  1. Fastest half marathon and
  2. Longest distance

Hope to see more of us running together in the next LSD. Imagine 10 or 20 of us running (like an army), I don’t think any dogs or snatch thief will want to near us. hahaha

Btw, for 30km LSD that starts at 5am, these are the facts I’d figured out:

  • To complete at 8AM, your pace must be 6min/km
  • To complete at 8:30AM, your pace must be 7min/km
  • To complete at 9:00AM, your pace must be 8min/km

Further sources:

SRR LSD gang
SRR LSD gang


请注意,我不是一个专家 – 我只是喜欢研究和实验,我还在学习正确的跑步方式

我的策略很简单,到达下一个水站,评估我的状况。我们的水站位于相距约6公里。我们开始真正慢,像8 +分钟的步伐。在整个课程中就是这样。当我提高速度的速度,师傅会拉我回到这样的速度。这是不容易运行慢(如果你想知道),更是如此以一致的速度。我尊重师父,因为他可以在整个课程中进行交谈。我在前3公里不能和他进行转换,但是逐渐能够和他说话,甚至在后期也能笑。这有一些扩展了肺或隔膜,我发现我的跑步越来越容易。



  • 没有太多停止(除了在3个水站,每个不到1分钟)。直接不间断地在整个课程中运行。
  • 只消耗1瓶水,2香蕉和1小杯的100plus。
  • 能够在3.5小时的运行期间进行对话。
  • 在一个群体中运行有一种神秘的感觉,可以给你更多的权力,再去1公里。并使我更少关注我的痛苦,并集中精力完成里程
  • 有这么多运行提示由主分享。这就像一个*迷你演讲*在运行过程中。例如,你知道为什么LSD设置为30km,而不是25km或35km?



  1. 最快半程马拉松
  2. 最长距离



  • 要在上午8点完成,你的步伐必须是6分钟/公里
  • 要在上午8:30完成,你的步伐必须是7分钟/公里
  • 要在上午9:00完成,您的步速必须为8分钟/公里


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