Chwan Qar C – 15Feb2017

With SEDEF team

Wednesday is physical training time at Stadium Kota Raja. And today is a routine called Chawn Qar C. It is hokkien for exhaustion.

I did a 2km run around the oval track prior to the physical exercise as a warm up. As it is a short distance, I burst the speed a little. That manage to increase my Training Effects in my watch by +6 notch. Which in turn up my vo2max to 38. One up from my previous reading.

Today’s menu

What’s in the menu?

The set of the following exercises:

  • Push up
  • Sit up
  • Squat
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jack

The idea is to do all these exercises in repeats set as quickly as you can and with as little rest in between as possible. Got to compete all sets in less than 30 mins.

This is how the routine works:

  1. 5 minutes warm up
  2. Warm up set: 5x of each exercise in the routine
  3. Set 1: 25x of each routine in the set
  4. Set 2: 20x of each routine in the set
  5. Set 3: 15x of each routine in the set
  6. Set 4: 10x of each routine in the set
  7. Set 5: 5x of each routine in the set
  8. 5 minutes cool down

My experience:

  • Push up and sit up is my nemesis. I can’t seems to master it. Could be due to my weight and bulky body build at the moment.
  • Able to do both push up and sit up in the warm up and set 1. But was struggling big time in the subsequent sets.
  • Simply want to get it done and over with.
  • Competed all sets in about 17 mins 30 sec.
  • All the body crunches and movement from the exercise simply gush all the sweat out from my body. Dripping non-stop that quickly form a sweat pot. Wetted my newly bought yoga mat in record time.

Now I know what is Chawn Qar C already.  What an exhaustion!!!


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