Speed training – 17Feb2017

According to my newly constructed training plan, today is supposed to be speed training. Instead of intervals, I’d chose to do tempo instead (I think it is tempo, running at higher speed and consistent speed).

It has been a while since I run in 6min pace range. Boy was it killing me. The good part is that I don’t quite felt the pulling sensation that I used to have at the bottom of my left foot. So I pushed on. This could be the result of a proper warm up prior. Took my time to do it right in not a hasty manner.

At about close to completing the 1st KM, 6 minute to be exact, I’m expecting my Garmin to tell me my TE (Training Effects) reading. And it is a pleasant +6, which is good. Feeling motivated, I’d pushed on harder.  This has resulted in an increased of my VO2Max to a 41.

Attached are the readings from my Garmin which tell me that I’d improved in mostly all department. Well, at KM4, I was quite exhausted, as I have been pushing for 6 min pace for all 3 km. So I thought I would slack the 4th km, and try to push again at the 5th km. All worked as planned.

Still within 6 min pace

Average cadence is 183, this had surprised me as I did stopped for a couple of steps during the 4th KM. Just have to remind myself that to keep pushing and lift both legs in a consistent cadence to keep moving when fatigue sets in.

Nice, means I have improve my ability to use oxigen for my body.

Looked a little tired after the training. It rains after about 40 mins.

Well at the end of the day, all these analysis is fun but only for the after the fact and not during the workout.  Should ignore the readings during the run and just ‘feel the run‘ – Run by Effort.


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