Pasem 1KC Challenge – my perspective

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How it began?

A bunch of crazy runners (you know who you are) wants me join this challenge. Contemplating for a while, as it will need a commitment of about 6km of daily mileage.  I finally registered on 27 Sept 2016 (don’t remember what got into me that day).  I was almost 25 days behind at the time of registration, as the event started in 3rd Sept.  Though the organizer allowed me to upload any activities from 3rd Sept, but it is not much, as I was busy during the month of Sept.  I have only around 86km since 3rd Sept.  So, if you need to do 5.65km daily on average, it should be (25 days x 5.65km = 141.25km), so a deficit of 55.14km (141.25km-86.11km) at the time of registration.  I wasn’t fully prepared for this madness  and really not sure what is installed for me.  To be fair, i didn’t know the magnitude of things to come.

Progression of greatness

I find that my attitude towards running changed dramatically.  Every activity I do must be recorded (which is what I’m doing all the while), just that this time the whole world is watching my activities.  So the anxiety is high so is the stake.  For your information, so far, all my workout is never publicly published, all is privately stored (I’m a private person).  But due to the rule, all my activities must be made public when uploaded to the organizer website.

1kc-progress-blue-lineThis challenge had altered my thinking, as it consumes my though everyday.  I would think of how to run or walk to fill in the mileage.  All I think of is to cross the ‘blue line’ as fast as possible (refer to the progress graph).  The blue line is the daily accumulative mileage required as the day progresses.

I was able to ‘crossed’ the blue line around 1st week of October.  And I have never looked back since.  The thought is always cut the deficit daily and weekly mileage.  So, if go out running, it must be more than 5.65km at a time.  Averagely it be 10km-15km.  At the peak it was like 25km at a time (run-walk).  This is pure madness.

Mileage Start to Finish
Mileage Start to Finish

Before the 1KC, my weekly mileage is around 20-30km depending on event.  I find the following trend in my mileage:

  1. Before joining SRR: Jan-Apr 2016 – 5km to 20km weekly basis
  2. Joined SRR: from Apr 2016 – 15km to 30km weekly average basis
  3. Joined 1KC: from 27 Sept – 3 Dec 2016 – 30km to 114km weekly basis

Who are the crazy ones?

These are the crazy SRR team members that attempted these out of the world madness activities called 1000 KM Challenge.  We would organize runs in the evening, morning, afternoon, anytime for the matter of facts, and even hold a special event among ourselves called Ecopark Ultra 1.0 and 2.0 (ya 2 series – which starts from 7pm to 5am the next day).  We even have this vibrant WhatsApp chat group that would light up every moment of the day to kick each other butt to go out and slave the mileage (even in raining days).

TEAMMATE TC Boo, Jack Khoo, Hui Ching
Run or Die Joanne Goh, Iris, Yan Nee
败者为王 Lian Chin, Jason Ng, Sandy Woo
裙摆摇摇霸王花 Eng, Sandy Joon, Lee Anne
開心乱乱跑 Runners Alicia Chia, Eng Tong, Simon
KTL Tony Lim, Kenny, Loon
  • Jason Ng completed the 1K at 4th spot (Completed in 52 Days 9 Hours)
  • Sandy Woo was the Women’s champion in completing the challenge (Fastest 1,000KM (F) – Winner)
  • Eng is the 2nd fastest woman to complete the challenge (Fastest 1,000KM (F) – 1st Runner-up)
  • Kenny clocked in the highest mileage as he never stop until the end of the challenge (Completed in 61 Days 19 Hours). He also registered 25 days after the start of the challenge, so it should be 36 days.  He is actually the fastest person to complete the challenge (Pasem is considering to alter the rules in the next challenge due to this)
  • Eng and Alicia clocks the highest mileage for female category.
  • 開心乱乱跑 Runners was the first team to complete 3K (where all team member reached the 1K target goal)

The following the completion in days by our team members:

Number Registered Name  Name Team Status
1KC0075 Ng Se Wei Jason Ng 败者为王 Completed in 52 Days 9 Hours
1KC0076 Woo Hooi Choon Sandy Woo 败者为王 Fastest 1,000KM (F) – Winner
1KC0329 Eng Bee Ting Eng 裙摆摇摇霸王花 Fastest 1,000KM (F) – 1st Runner-up
1KC0404 Wong Weng Hoong Kenny Wong KTL Completed in 61 Days 19 Hours
1KC0193 Chia Lai Hoong Alicia Chia 開心乱乱跑 Runners Completed in 62 Days 19 Hours
1KC0405 Tony Lim Poh Chye Tony Lim KTL Completed in 89 Days 0 Hours
1KC0402 Low Kay Seong Simon 開心乱乱跑 Runners Completed in 91 Days 20 Hours
1KC0379 Lee Eng Tong Tong Sir 開心乱乱跑 Runners Completed in 106 Days 13 Hours
1KC0325 Lee Soh Huee Lee Anne 裙摆摇摇霸王花 Completed in 113 Days 10 Hours
1KC0331 Joon Fong Keng Sandy Joon 裙摆摇摇霸王花 Completed in 118 Days 21 Hours
1KC0407 Lim Wei Kwang Loon KTL Completed in 128 Days 15 Hours
1KC0058 Boo Teck Chin Boo TEAMMATE Completed in 134 Days 11 Hours
1KC0121 Ng Xin Yun Iris Run or Die Completed in 137 Days 8 Hours
1KC0110 Ryan Wong Wai Sum Ryan Completed in 151 Days 21 Hours
1KC0164 Khoo Boon Aik Jack Khoo TEAMMATE Completed in 160 Days 19 Hours
1KC0156 Tee Yan Nee Yan Nee Run or Die Completed in 163 Days 11 Hours
1KC0159 Goh Jooi Shing Joanne Goh Run or Die Still figthing
1KC0276 Lee Hui Ching HC TEAMMATE Still figthing
1KC0242 Ng Lian Chin Ng 败者为王 Still figthing
1KC0157 Gok Yi Ling Ruby Still figthing

What Have I Gained from this?

Despite not knowing fully of the proper running form, all I did was to run everyday.  This in fact increase my stamina, endurance, and tolerance to do longer distances and extreme weather conditions.  More than I can imagine I could do before this challenge.  Sometimes looking back at those records simply amazes myself that I can do this.

These are the details of my body transformation:

  • Body weight reduced by 4.9%
  • Chest width reduced by 3%
  • Body Fat reduced by 3.8% (another 4% to reduce)
  • Waist Line reduced by 4.6% (another 4% to reduce)


I have completed the 1000km in 91 days and 20 hours.  I still remember that I’d injured myself in the last mileage at the last hour.  Which I’d uploaded the mileage to Pasem in less than 1 hour.  What a feeling of joy when the burden of running everyday is finally over at this hour.  Celebration was in order where I went to a karaoke and movie session. And I ran (limping) the very next day at 6am in our usual LSD route in Setia Badminton Academy.  Completed the challenge on 3 Dec 2016, 8:00pm (yes, I ran until 8PM)

1KC completion
1KC completion

But if calculate from the time of registration, the completion should be 91 days – 25 days = 66 days (wink-wink).

The biggest gain out from the challenge is that I’d found a bunch of friends with the same passion for running and that we will cherish these moment for many years to come. I am sure that we have built a stronger bond between us.  And even though the challenge lasted 6 months or 177 days, our friendship will go on.

1KC members
1KC members

Thank you Pasem for giving us these craziness. pasem-logo

So it begs the question of ‘Would you join the next 1KC?‘….. (silence is golden) hahahaha

Am I a better runner after this event? I don’t think so, but my threshold to hold on in a run got a little bit higher. Probably that’s a good start. But I’m going through what I’m consider as a proper training plan.  Hope this works for me in my upcoming marathon that I’d signed up.  Wish me luck.



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