Hoe Say Liaw – 22Feb2017

Wednesday, ya is that day again… Physical training or some called it strength training. To me it is torture session where you get to do several set of routine like a man being possessed within a time frame.

Today’s menu

Today’s menu is a series of workout divided into 5 sets. You got to do each set 4 times before you are allowed to proceed to the next set.

Set A

  • Push-up x 10
  • Squat x 10

Set B

  • Sit-up x 10
  • Jumping Squat x 10

Set C

  • Wide grip push-up x 10
  • Jack Knife x 10
  • Burpees + 1 jump forward x 10

Set D

  • Pike push-up x 10
  • Lunges x 10

Set E

  • Hindu push-up x 10
  • Tug Jump x 10
  • Bicycle x 20

I was hoping that no ‘sit up’ routine today, but there they are and as if not enough torture, the coach throw in another form of sit-up called Jack Knife (you must be kidding me), it’s an advanced form of sit-up.

Pot after pot, after pot of sweats for today’s workout. Sweat just gushing out of my whole body in abundance. I don’t know where it came from. Just flooded my yoga mat, making it slippery to hold on.

As usual, the routines are as follows:

  1. Warm up – 10 Minutes
  2. Set A x 4
  3. Set B x 4
  4. Set C x 4
  5. Set D x 4
  6. Set E x 4
  7. Cool down – 10 Minutes

Each set is a super series, where in each set you cannot stop between routine. But you can rest between sets. For example, in Set A, you must do push-ups and continue to Squat without stopping. You can rest before continuing to the next routine in the set.


I missed read the last routine, Bicycle,  where I thought it is 10 times in each set. Actually it is 20 in each set…Oh oh. I guess miss orientation sets in after 4 sets of madness as fatigue kicks in.

I did a one KM fast run before the workout, and a 5 km run after the workout. The latter was the most taxing as most of my strength went to the physical training. This is not recommended as you might get injury easily. But I pushed on. This could be probably after reading TheDancingRunner blog earlier today about what to do in your IDGAF days. Well thanks for having my butt kicked. Hahaha

See you in the next physical training session.



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