Strength training – 24Feb2017

Raining day workout
Raining day workout

While most of my muscle group still feeling that strain from the SEDEF workout 2 days ago, Hoe Say Liao, I got curious to attend today’s workout in Central Park Setia Alam.

Drizzling of rain started when I’d headed out. This is not good, but I thought the rain will stop when I got there. Nope, it didn’t stop but got heavier.

Coach Toh arrive but there’s no sign of the rain stopping. We waited for about 20 mins from the usual start time. One of us suggest to call it off as they have a long 46 km relay run on Sunday. Most of us thought the coach will call off the day. But Toh is not a normal coach. 真的猜他不到 (Unpredictable). That’s when he call it… “Everybody, 100 times of Jumping Jack, Squat, Push-up, Mountain Climber”.

My jaw just dropped and I got to pickup my tongue along the process. What!!! And it is still raining. No complaints, no whining, don’t ask why, JUST DO IT.

Hardcore members doing the workout despite the pouring rain
Doing workout in the rain
I was doing my routine in this little hut

I can’t do all workout in one go, got to split it to 50 times for each routine (not as fit as the rest of the SEDEF members). Except Jumping Jack, one of my favourite.

There’s no name to today’s workout as it is a spontaneous routine. Maybe I would name it Chai Bay Teow (猜不到) Unpredictable.

See you in the next great SEDEF workout session.


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