Incomplete 30K LSD – 26Feb2017

Setia Badminton Academy
Starting point

Embarking on the training journey for my maiden full marathon in May 2017 (yes the clock is ticking), today is my second series of my training in the long run LSD series. Had a minor setback as I’m not being able to complete the intended 30km.

Unable to take advantage of the perfect setting. Drizzling (sprinkle) of rain, temperature of 27 degree Celsius on average. Running with the companion of elite runner, Master Chew, Jason Ng, Wai Meng. So what went wrong?

What went wrong?

  1. Wrong pace in the 1st 10km.  A fasten by average of 1min – 1:30min pace.
  2. Strain on right of leg muscle (Gluteus Medius) and right lower back from KM11.50 onwards
  3. Calf and hamstring pulling for both leg – force to retire on KM21 onwards.

leg-musclesAs compared to previous LSD where I can sustain up to 27km but with a slower pace of 8:30mins average. This time I’d started too fast too soon, which cause all the complication which cost me the LSD at the end.

On the bright side, I got my PB for my half marathon distance of 21KM. 2:45 hour (7:43min pace) as compared to previous PB of 2:52 hour (8:12min pace).

Looking at the situation at KM11.50, my muscle group is quite straineous, i thought i can push on. Things are not better, even though I hold on for another 6km. So I’d decided to go all out with whatever energy I have left. My intention was to at least gain a better time for my HM distance. This is exactly what I did, pushing on from KM18.50 (entering into Ecopark), I sped for about 1.50km before meeting the hilly slope of Tenby hill. Oh man, this is killing me. With just about 500m to go at the peak of Tenby hill, I slave the miles and got my PB. What a struggle.


From there onward, it was walk-run fashion until both my hamstrings and calf forced me to walk. It was a slow and agony walk of 4km.

What lesson have I learnt today?

  1. Stick to your game plan, don’t ever chase or follow others’ pace
  2. Don’t carried away by situation as it present itself.  Though it is the perfect settings, doesn’t mean your current fitness level can take advantage of them.
  3. Always access your level of fitness as you go – preferably in a 5 km block.


  1. Sometimes you can’t get the goal even though if you have planned for it.  It’s the way of life, your time to shine has not arrive yet.  Need to run more.
  2. Reserve your energy as much as possible. Get the breathing smooth before any surge of pace.
  3. Previous PB does not guarantee success for today.  Must work hard to maintain it.
  4. Sometime you win, sometime you lost.
  5. There’s always tomorrow, the track/route is not going anywhere, and I shall be back for ya 🙂

A mixed feeling for today’s LSD training.  On the down side, a disappointing unfinished mileage for the 30 km.  On the bright side, a PB for my HM.

Perseverance is in the core of the game. Luckily with the support from my running club team members I’m able to stay in the game for such long time. Couldn’t have done it on my own.

If an overweight of myself is trying to accomplish a feat of physical challenge called marathon, I am sure anybody in this world are able to do this. All you need is to say  YES as a first step.

Running suppose to be fun, it is not always a number game.  See you at the next journal.

Translation to Chinese language (not a perfect translation but you’ll get the meaning of the content):


无法利用完美的设置。下雨(洒水),平均27摄氏度的温度。跑步与精英赛跑者的同伴,Master Chew, Jason Ng, Wai Meng。那么出了什么问题?

1. 在10公里的速度错误。以平均1分钟 – 1:30分钟的速度紧固。
2.腿部肌肉(Gluteus Medius)右侧和右下背部的应变从KM11.50起





1. 坚持你的游戏计划,不要追逐或跟随他人的步伐
2. 不要因为它自身的情况而被带走。虽然它是完美的设置,但并不意味着你目前的健身水平可以利用它们。
3. 随时随地访问您的健身水平 – 最好在5公里的区域。

1. 有时候你不能得到目标,即使你有计划。这是生活的方式,你的时间闪耀还没有到达。需要运行更多。
2. 尽可能预留你的能量。任何喘息的步伐前呼吸顺畅。
3. 以前的PB不保证今天的成功。必须努力保持它。
4. 有时你赢了,有时你输了
5. 总有明天,轨道/路线不会去任何地方,我会回来的ya 🙂







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