Poker Cardio – 01Mar2017

There’s a new routine to the usual four that has been cycling between Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is call Poker Cardio. Nope, coach Toh is not teaching us gambling, if you are wondering. 

  1. Chawn Qar C
  2. Hoe Say Liow
  3. Sea Bay Song
  4. Cheah Lat
  5. Poker Cardio (new)

As usual around 6.15pm coach Toh will be preparing the menu for today’s workout. Everybody was guessing which routine it might be. But hey coach Toh is unpredictable remember? So he drew 4 images which resembling of a poker cards.and each image represents a workout. 

The four image

Then he took out a deck of cards. A person  was called to shuffle the deck and take out 5 cards. The card’s pattern will match the image on the floor and the numbers from the card will means the number of reps we have to do.

For a moment, everybody was trying to grasp the idea of the game. And that’s when coach Toh said “just do what I said”.

To me it is like Russian Roulette. We do whatever numbers drawn from the decks of cards randomly. This is awesome and thrilling at the same time, coz you will never know what is up next.

After completing a set, another person will be called to draw the cards. And this goes on in a circle. But since there are so many of us today, by calling all will definitely kill us. So we did about 10 sets with 3 bonus set.

As usual, I felt exhausted at the end of each SEDEF workout (it is by design). But I felt that I can handle it this time around, even though the duration of this workout is longer than others (about 1 hour). Does that means I’m a little stronger now?

According to coach Toh, this routine will be added to the cycle for this month and next month.

As a warm up prior to this workout, I would normally do a couple of round in the oval track. This time I met Hooi Chee. We did 200m x 200m speed interval. This girl is a speedster, a Ferrari. She did 8 sets alright. Me? Just 5 exhausting sets only.

See you in the next workout.



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