Cheah Lat – 10Mar2017

The recipe for today is Cheah Lat. This is the menu when I first joined SEDEF. It comes in a circle.  Multiple reps of various exercises with the duration of 30 seconds for each exercises.
I’d joined the Friday session which is held in Central Park Setia Alam as I’d skipped the regular Wednesday session in Stadium Kota Raja.  The minute when I arrived, I was being asked by all the 师姐师妹 on why I’d skipped the Wednesday session.  Almost like the police interrogation of the North Korean assassination case hehehe.

The mood of coach Toh is rather good today, so he didn’t make us suffer as much.  Maybe due to his birthday week mood (wink wink).  He even thinking of doing the Sea Bay Cheah Lat, which is double the Cheah Lat (4 rounds).  We gave him the body language respond saying … Ai Meh?

2 sets of 16 exercises. 30 seconds for each exercise with 20 seconds interval rest in between.

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Walking Lunges
  3. High Knees
  4. Sumo Squats
  5. Mountain Climber
  6. Burpees
  7. Sit Up
  8. Tit & Tat
  9. 90 degree Squats
  10. Ice Skater
  11. Twist Jump
  12. In & Out
  13. Push Up
  14. Bicycle
  15. Pike Push Up
  16. Toes Touch

These exercises really live up to its name, Cheah Lat.  Really spike up my heart beat like a sports car.  From 60-160bpm in 30 seconds.  I’m still recuperating from the exhaustion of my last Sunday Dragon Back run.  And even though that I had started my recovery run yesterday day for 5km, but my body still felt the sluggishness and stiffness.  Clearly struggling in some of the workouts, especially my nemesis, Sit ups.  But since today’s special offer is just 2 rounds, I’d pushed on which I’m glad I did at the end of the workout. Seeing some stars though (dizzy)😁.

Completed the 1st set
What a relieve

See you at the next workout session.


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