Optimum Run 2017

FB_IMG_1489321564585Optimum Run is organised by Optimum Train Sdn Bhd, a swimming training company.  This is their first stint on a running event.

There are several similar run event every week. You might be wondering on why I chose this run event, instead of putting my effort in a real training for my upcoming  marathon. Well, this is merely in support of fellow SRR’s member invitation.  The  initial attraction was that the running T-shirt will come with a SRR logo (for a 100 name registration from SRR).  Well, don’t the judge me ok, I know what you thinking hahaha.  Unfortunately due to late announcement or for whatever reason, we are short of the required number of registration. Only managed to gather about 40+ member.  Therefore it’s too late to change or pull out, so be it – I’m a man of my word (wink).  I will sacrifice my usual Sunday LSD for this run.

Race: Optimum Run 2017

Organiser: Optimum Train Sdn Bhd

Location: Kompleks Sukan Pandamaran

Date & Time: 12 March 2017 – 6:00AM

Fee is RM50 (RM10 discount registered from HC member of SRR).

Strategy – playbook (13 km route):

So, my strategy is no strategy.. I’m going to enjoy my run.  Treat it like a normal training.

Target is 7.30 mins of average pace with finishing time of 1:37.30 hour

Actual is 6:37 mins of average pace with finishing time of 1:16:20 hour (11.5km)

Actual Day – Race day chronological:

  • Woke up at 4:30 AM (early riser person on Sunday nowadays).
  • Had Bananas, Milo, Quaker Oat.
  • Still don’t feel like running today – not excited at all.
  • Arrived at Kompleks Sukan Pandamaran around 5:30 AM.  Found a nice parking spot which is near to the starting line. I have to ensure that the spot is not ‘double-parkable’ (after the incident from Oren Run last year).
  • Not many runner were there… even up to as late as 6:15 AM.  Perhaps Klang people is well known for their ‘just-in-time’ arrival attitude 🙂
  • So many faces that I know.  Friends, acquaintances, SRR running buddies, KPAC sifus… it was almost like a gathering of runners.  So engrossed in the get together conversation until I almost forgot to do warm up for the race (oh dear).
  • Finally the MC announced to all the 13 km runners to get ready at the starting line.  A simple honk to mark the start of the 13 km category race.  It was about 6:31 AM.
  • Lots of young runners cutting through me left and right with high speed.  I was also influenced by their momentum, 500 m on-course and a quick look at the watch, the pace is like 5:00 mins… surely it is too fast for me.  I made a conscious and deliberate effort to slow down my pace.  Yet it is still within 6:00 min pace which is much faster than my intended 7:30 min pace.
  • So I thought perhaps I could slow down at the later stage…. 6:23, 6:46, 6:53, 6:42, 6:18 for the first 5 km… then I thought to myself, so let it be…just run sub 7 min pace all the way until the end.
  • My spontaneous strategy was to run slower pace at the 1st 5 km and to pickup the pace from there onward, but plan is plan, it is quite different from the reality.  At KM 5, around the 2nd water station, I can see quite a few walkers, so i thought my chance to increase my cadences to ‘sayur’ (overtake) those runners.  Nope, that’s not the case, didn’t happen as plan.
  • Instead, I stick to my plan to have a consistent sub 7 min pace.  This has not only save lots of my energy, but to finish strong as well.
  • This is my first time running the entire course without stopping and at a higher pace.  It is not easy, but was quite fascinated that I’m able to finish it at that speed.
  • As there are quite many KPAC and SRR members running this event, it is almost like a normal Sunday LSD… ‘good morning sir, madam, hey long time no see, wow run too fast, run faster’ was the gesture along the way.  Even have a little chit-chat with SRR leader…almost gossiping hahaha
  • At the final KM stretch, about 11km, I heard from the surrounding runners that the finishing line is very near.  But it is not 13km yet!  I can’t believe it and dare not dash all out.  Still maintaining the steady pace.  And finally under the marshal’s direction who utter out, ‘final stretch, finishing line’, then it occurred to me that it is indeed approaching the finishing line.  Increased my pace a little bit (can hear some majestic music playing at the back of my mind).  Dashed a little, then came about 200m to the finishing line, I spotted a photographer…got to look good, got to look good, slow down a little to post for the camera, and dash straight to the finishing line….phew.

My Race Statistics:

  • Summary and pace
  • Actual Route
  • My personal recordsPB

Congratulations to all the winners that I know (will be updated once confirmation is received):

Men Open 13km
1. Eugene Chan 48:46 (7th)
2. Lim Kit Xiang (8th)
3. Koh Chee Chong 57:19
4. Lee Hwa 1:00:00
5. Jason Ng 1:00:36
6. Jack Khoo 1:14:52
7. Dennis Teng 1:24:xx

Women Open 13km:
1. Sandy Joon 1:06:45 (5th)

Men veteran 13km.
1. Lee Eng Tong 55:43 (14th)
2 Tom Tan 56.18 ( 11.5 km )
3. Terence ong 1.04.25

Women Veteran 13km
1. Madam Wong Pok Ying (3rd)
2. Pua Han Hooi 1:06:xx (5th)
3. Sandy Woo 1:07:28 (podium)
4. Eng Bee Tiing (14th)
5. Nicole Lee (15th)

Event Summary (Race Review):

Pre Race:

  • Entry and Information (more detail):
    • Registered via SRR
    • Price – RM50 (Cash passed to HC)
    • wp-1489219717486.jpg
  • Race registration and kit collection
    • Office located at Optimum Train at Teluk Gadong.
    • A lot of staff handling the collection.  Quite nice and organised.
    • Staff were friendly and helpful
    • Snappy service, all done in less than 10 Minutes.
    • Met 2 running buddies during collection… Wai Meng and Hui Ching.

    • Course or Route
      • wp-1489223208007.jpg
      • This is a straight road with little to none elevation. A round of the Komplek Sukan Pandamaran before joining the highway (Port Klang highway), U-turn in front of Crown Hotel, go straight until the big roundabouts (五条路), U-turn and join back the Komplek Sukan Pandamaran. 13km route.
    • Race Kits
      • Unfortunately the t-shirt cutting is too small. Though on paper it should fit. Or I had grew ‘wider’ already… Oh my.
      • wp-1489219480661.jpg
    • Medal Design
      • Medal design seems quite nice.  Let’s see the actual quality
      • wp-1489219800930.jpg

Race day:

  • Race site facilities
    • It was quite a simple setting, a couple of tents and a mini stage.
    • 100 plus booth is quite prominent, I guess it is one of the main sponsor.
  • Parking
    • Ample parking space as I’d arrive quite early, around 5:30AM.
    • To my memory, parking is more this time compared to the Oren Run 2016.
  • Participation
    • Around 1,800 registered for this event
    • Around 480 registered for 13km category
  • Care of Competitors
    • There are around 80 volunteer being deployed for this event.
    • However, traffic control were quite minimal, only concentrated at the junctions.
    • No mashal along those big roads, where runners just crossed the roads at their own risk.
    • No cones were found to direct and separate runners from the traffic especially along Pandamaran town – those busy roads.
  • Race course management and organisation
    • To my surprise, the route is changed.  Instead of running at the intended route, Optimum chose an alternative route (inner route).  I heard it is difficult to obtain approval from the local municipal, MPK.
    • Traffic was quite heavy around the Pandamaran town, B school, Optimum Train branch.
    • Sufficient water in every station – thumbs up
    • Route confusion between water station number 1 and number 2, which resulted in a shortage of 1.5km in total at the end.

Post Race:

A lot of mashal found at the finishing line.  Perhaps to record the finishing time accurately.  Goody bag and medal were given immediately at the finishing line.

Heaps of 100 Plus drinks at their counter.  Free flow – thumbs up.

I can’t seem to find other food source other than 100 Plus drink :/

After Event

The result is not instance, as all were managed traditionally and manually.  Based on own recording.

More Photos of the event –> click here.



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