Poker Cardio – 15Mar2017

15 rounds or reps that I heard that was done at this week’s routine in Stadium Kota Raja. Today was an unexpectedly busy day for me.  I was having meeting with customer until 6.30pm (I was looking at my watch quite frequitly at that time).  Reached Stadium around 7pm ish.  Upon arrival I already can see all the members were quite exhausted and sweaty with heaps of perspiration.  A quick change to the workout attire and join in to whatever reps that is left.  Very luckily I manage to catch the last rep (the 15th rep).

Earlier today, I was having a strange palpitation that it might be Poker Cardio routine today, but not certain.  My instinct was confirmed upon arrival at the training site.  I think I kind of getting into the groove now (wink).

So, one rep (no problem), I treat it like a warm up to my 5K run at the oval.  It was a good warm up I must say, as expected from all SEDEF workout.

A bit of interval of 1 round (400 m) fast and 1 round slow (to get back my breath).  My plan was fast round at 6 mins or less pace, and slow round is 7:30 mins pace.  At the first few rounds went better than my plan.  Was hitting 5 mins pace for fast round, and less than 7:15 mins for slow round.  But fatigue sets in as soon as I reached 2 km or so.  Dragging and walking comes in uninvitedly.  Until Jimmy Teh came along.  Dragged me for a good 800 m of 5 mins pace (400 m) and 4:30 min pace (400 m).  This is at the outer rim (the number 8 track). He told me to forget about pace and speed, just cover the mileage.  Run until you are flat…walk a bit and repeat again.  Now I know why he is such an Ironman.

Check out my timing –> here

See you at the next SEDEF training.


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