Loke Hor T – 17Mar2017

Arrived early today..15 minutes to be exact. It is drizzling (sprinkle of fine sky water) with gust of wind blowing. What a perfect setup, it will be a waste if I didn’t take  this opportunity to do a loop at least around central park. A quick warm up and off i went. 1 loop is about 2km. 

The rain is getting heavier the nearer to the starting time of our workout.  All SEDEF member is gathering under the little hut (what a sight).  Knowing coach would not cancel any session even with the rain threatening to wet the land.  All the member knew this and that’s why we waited. I heard that today’sroutine is supposed to be Chawn Qar C, but with the rain, it doesn’t looks like we are able to pull this off.

After missing the regular Wednesday training in stadium Kota Raja, I was determined to attend today’s training to make it up to the weekly quota. And this is my 3rd time attending SEDEF training in Central Park. The first time was raining just like today. So I have a gut feeling that today will be the 100 rep routine that I did the first time I’d joined the session here. Bingo!!! If this is a lottery ticket, I would be rich by now.

Introducing Loke Hor T, it is hokkien for rainy day. According to coach Toh, this will be the routine for rainy day from now onwards.

Loke Hor T

100 rep of the following exercise:

  1. Push up
  2. Squat
  3. Sit up
  4. Jumping Jack
  5. Mountain Climber

Oh no, my nemesis…Sit Up…. Well let’s get on with it.

It is almost a miracle, that half way into our workout, the sky cleared up and the dark cloud were dispersed. What a relieve. And at the end of our workout, the rainbow presented itself in the horizon. It was a double rainbow, a rare sight indeed. This reminds me of the saying…

If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain.

 ~ John Green

See you at the next SEDEF training.


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