Returning to the LSD – 19Mar2017

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After absent for a straight 2 weeks due to running event (Dragon Back 2017 and Optimum Run 2017), I’m returning to the regular LSD training today.

Today headlines is all about the Ultra-marathon TiTi event. Where quite a number of SRR members are participating the event. Due to this, there’s no water station support at our normal route. Therefore we decided to start at 6am instead of 5am. A 20km route. We thought that not many will turn out for training today, but it is quite encouraging to see about close to 30 members showed up. Even without hydration support.

wp-1489926358229.jpgI’m carrying two 600ml water bottle. Each per hand to balance things out. You will be surprise how quickly the little 600ml bottle can be after 10km into the run (almost like carrying two dumb bells running the course). Practicing the arm muscle.  I didn’t consume much of the water, as I want to train to become a ‘camel’. Thus, I was offering a few runners with my water in hand. Almost felt like a mobile water station support.

I’d covered about 18km running + 2km walking. I felt that I’m able to push for a little further of distance today. Felt quite fresh when reaching the 1st water station mark. Just stopped for a leak. Then continued to the apartment area. Still felt that there’s energy to push a little further. While exiting the apartment area, I’d tried my luck talking to master for not going into Ecopark and Tenby…Yup no luck in that one of course. Bite the bullet with patience to march into Ecopark slowly.  Felt quite ok about it at that point.  At the Tenby hill slope, I’d increased my cadence to climb it.  Wow, both my thighs, arms, gluts were ‘burning’. Then the ‘wall’ came towards the exit of Ecopark.  Ya…walking mode was switched on.  Tried continue running back but way cool down at this point.

So even though I didn’t cover the entire 20km (just 18km running in total), I’d archived the followings:

  • Did the average pace of about 7:30mins per most of the mileage
  • Consumed less water (thanks to the cool weather)
  • Felt that I could stay on further mileage now.

So in next week’s longer mileage LSD of 30km, my plan is to maintain at a slower pace – 8min, to sustain longer and further distance.

Today’s wisdom:

Trained too hard, you shall never see the starting line
Ran too fast , you shall never see the finishing line
– Master Chew

No group photo today, as most member left early by the time we arrived at the starting line.

See you at the next ‘real’ LSD training.


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