Sea Bay Song – 20Mar2017


Having travelled for almost 35 mins from Bukit Tinggi Klang to Central Park Setia Alam, I thought that I still got a little time to do one loop around the park upon arrival.  But with much slower pace of lazy jog, I’d overshot the start of today’s workout.  In short I was late.  Rushing to get my yoga matt in my car, I can see all the members already started the warm up session.

Today’s menu is Sea Bay Song…means really satisfying in Hokkien language.  I can’t see for all the suffer impose on you and yet you can be so satisfied.  I guess the satisfactory is at the end of the workout, and that you have survived the torture, and that it is finally over.

Today’s menu

There’s no time limit to the workout

  1. Push Up x 100
  2. Sit Up x 100
  3. Burpee x 25
  4. Walking Lunge x 50
  5. Jumping Jack x 100
  6. Burpee x 25
  7. Squat x 100
  8. Mountain Climber x 100

I recalled a funny moment when I asked coach on why there isn’t any indication of sets number. “One set only ah coach?” hahaha. You should see coach’s facial expression, it qualified for a Master credit card Priceless moment. Which translated to “Are you crazy? One set only…Go go go”.

Wow, pots and pots and pots of sweat gushing out from my body, spike of the heart rate from 50-180 bpm in 10 seconds, flooded yoga matt with sweats, the sounds of catching your breaths, you felt that your knees is failing, tights are burning like bush fire.  Well these are the fundamental of SEDEF workout, if you don’t have these signs, you are either already arrived at the elite level of fitness, or that you are doing it all wrong a.k.a shortcuts.

The ingredients to the menu seems quite foreign to me.  Coach told me that I’d done it before.  After a quick check at my records (ya I kept those), he is right, the first time was on the 8th Feb 2017.

Wisdom from coach Toh. He is in the mood for philosophical today:


站在困难的面前,放弃,一切就结束了; 但如果选择面对,坚持到底,就少了一个困难,离目标又拉近了一小步。


My cousin brother – 表弟

I am aiming for full SEDEF attendance this week i.e. 3 days in a week.  It will be a challenge for this week is a school holiday week.  Let’s see.

See you at the next SEDEF training.



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