Cheah Lat – 22Mar2017

Looking at my records, I did Cheah Lat routine the most so far. My maiden Cheah Lat was on 1st Feb 2017…Ya the 4th day of Chinese new year week.  This is also my first SEDEF training.

Learning from experience of being late at previous training, this time I’d skipped my usual warm up round at the oval and went straight to the torture chamber a.k.a SEDEF training ground. And as accurate as a flight schedule would be, the training starts sharp at 6.15pm.

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It is Cheah Lat alright.  30 seconds for each 16 exercises, with 20 seconds interval rest. 2 sets…..Let’s get moving.

  • Warm up – 10mins
  • Cheah Lat round 1 – 20 mins
  • Rest – 5 mins
  • Cheah Lat round 2 – 20 mins
  • Cool down – 5 mins

Cheah Lat round consists of the following exercises:

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Mountain Climber
  3. 90° Jumping Squat
  4. Push up
  5. Walking Lunge
  6. Burpee
  7. Ice Skater
  8. Bicycle
  9. High Knees
  10. Sit Up
  11. Twist Jump
  12. Pike Push Up
  13. Sumo Squat
  14. Tit and Tàt
  15. In and Out
  16. Toes Touch

This is my 11th SEDEF session so far. I felt that I’m able to handle most of the exercises. Well most of it… Sit up is still my nemesis.

I was trying to get the number of reps shouted out from coach for each exercise with all my might e.g. push up, try to get at least 25 times, burpee at least 8 times, sit up at least 20 times and etc. I got the minimum rep for some exercise, but some I didn’t quite make it. Maybe I shall get closer to the bear minimum reps, in my 4th Cheah Lat session. 

I find more participants attended the training on Wednesday in Stadium compared to those in Central Park Setia Alam. Perhaps it is the setting of the place. In stadium we formed a circle where coach Toh will be in the middle.  This is an ideal way where everybody can see what’s the next exercise from there.

See you at the next SEDEF workout. Wondering what is in the menu in 2 days time. I know for sure that if it is rainy day, it shall be Loke Hor T routine. Sit-up 100 reps I can’t imagine how to get through that torture.  Hope for a good sunny day.

Coach Toh’s wisdom for today


Go with the road less travelled, and you will be rewarded immensely.



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