Yet another loosing battle – LSD 26Mar2017

SRR LogoWith just less than 2 months to go for my maiden FM (Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017), I still have not get the breakthrough that I need – the 30km LSD.   This is my third attempt at the training, and it fell short of completing the full distance, again.  Despite the previous attempts (1st and 2nd),  I still don’t have the feel or tenacity for the distance.  This has slowly diminishing my confidence towards the massive FM challenge that is coming in 2 months time.

My latest LSD which was scheduled at 30km was halted again at around 20km.  I was out of gas (stamina) around 18km or so.  This is not what I’d planned for, as I was doing about 15km cumulative mileage buildup towards the weekend LSD (which I was so looking forward for it).  Eventhough I did a full 3 session of physical training (1 hour each) – SeaBaySong, CheahLat, HoeSayLiaw at the same week, but that doesn’t help my endurance for a long distance running and the result was undesirable.

I was running with Master Chew (master sifu level), Hooi Chee (TiTi 50km runner), Ryan Wong (TiTi 100km runner),  Tony Lim (master level runner), Dr. Goh (most exciting new runner).  It suppose to be a perfect setting to archive a 30km distance, as our average pace was 7:15min to 7:45min at an easy pace.  It was a comfortable pace up to 15km though.  These are the breakdown of the good and not so good on my run:

Good Stuff:

  • My pace was controlled, though less than the intended 8 mins long run pace.  Able to sustain it for more than 10km
  • My body felt ok at the second water station (about 12.5km mark)
  • Cadence still at a control manner
  • Breathing was smooth and controlled

Not so good stuff:

  • Things fell apart at around 15km mark (reentering to the apartment area).
  • Humidity is very high as I was loosing tonnes of energy.  Was sweating profusely.
  • My running short(pant) kept loosen (perhaps now my waist is getting smaller size now – maybe this is a good stuff instead).  Anyway, have to keep pulling my shorts and readjusting.  This has added significant distraction to my already depleted energy that is left.
  • I was holding on to a 600ml water bottle throughout the run.  By the 18km mark, all my water reservation was gone.  Confidence was again affected by that.
  • At km 15 onwards, felt the tightness or fatigues in the hamstring, calf and bottom foot area for both my legs.

I know, from the above, it may sounded like I have all the reasons for my under performing run, or perhaps a good excuse for me to lick my wound at a dark corner feeling beaten and out throughout the day.  And yet I was able to catch the Saban’s Power Ranger movie in the afternoon, without crashing at the bed and heal those damage muscle with rest.

Well, I refused to be at that self pity state.  So this is what I think of those thing that I didn’t do to prep myself for this long run LSD.  This is my self-beating list.  I can hear those words if a coach was to said it:

  1. Lack of weekly running volumes.  15km volume really is under par to buildup for a 30km weekend LSD long run.  Looking at my weekly record so far for the month of March, there are 29km for 1st week, 17km for 2nd week, 35km for 3rd week and 40km for 4th week. These runs are including the LSD mileage, which means shorter mileage were recorded.
  2. Not running everyday is also a factor to the lack of endurance, as my body is not ready for the long run motion.  All essential body parts are not fluid for these kind of motion in a long period.
  3. My body and mind not in sync and couldn’t understand and adjust to any mileage more than 15km.  Need more running volume
  4. Need to varied the training between tempo, speed interval between the days in the week.

Detail of this run ==> here

I won’t be having any LSD this week due to the ching ming at Sunday (2 April 2017), so I shall be back to full LSD training the following week.  With firm encouragement and support from my fellow runners and sifus, I intend to strive even harder to achieve my target distance.

As in the case of basketball legend Michael Jordan, he had missed a thousand shots, but finally one day he hit the target. And the rest are history.

With strong determination and perseverance, I hope to achieve it….sooner than later.

See you at the next LSD training.

Further reading:

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  1. Simon, after reading, I think you had over trained. My experience is, you need to have a complete rest of at least 3 days before you go for LSD. Eat more bananas and remember to bring some ORS and sugar before you start. Try it out and see how it works. My two cents.

  2. Thanks Sim for your valuable insights and tips. I really appreciates it.
    Over trained huh? No wonder, I even went for a 5km run a day before the LSD. Ok, I shall rest thoroughly before every LSD. I remembered that my first attempt of the LSD I’d archive 27km, that was with 1 week rest without any run. I think i should rest 3 days before LSD.
    I shall remember your tips on ORS, 1 sachet before run, another at 10km mark and another at 20km mark. That day was very humid, and i think I’d lost lots of sodium through sweats.
    Thanks again for your tips.

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