New arrival – PooA Tiyam Cheng – 29Mar2017

It is a wet evening as it was raining from 4pm onwards. Causing major traffic condition at all major route from city to Klang. This has delayed me a little to Stadium. I’d arrived right on time never the less.

If according to the cycle plan, today should be Chwan Qar C routine. But as it is rainy, it could be Loke Hor T (oh no).  Or maybe I thought since it is raining (quite heavily on my way to stadium) that today’s training will be cancelled. But then again, on second thought, this is SEDEF training 風雨無阻. There are no such word called cancellation in coach Toh’s vocabulary. The training must go on, no matter rain or shine.

Upon arrival, all the team member were busy shifting to another location nearby, under a 3 piece tent. Due to rain making the usual place uncondusive for workout. Coach Toh was seems busy giving instructions and he was in his office attire, how strange I thought.

So it is not Chwan Qar C, nor it is Loke Hor T…surprise. It is an entirely new routine called PooA Tiyam Cheng means Half-an-Hour in hokkien. This is one of the gift from a creative coach. You will never have guessed him. He is unpredictable and always will think of a fresh idea to make the workout exciting and beneficial to all members. 猜他不到

The rules of PooA Tiyam Cheng is rather simple. You’ll get to do a set of exercises repeatedly at your own pace for a period of 30 mins. Non-stop!!.

PooA Tiyam Cheng (30 minutes non-stop):

  1. Burpee x 5
  2. Push up x 10
  3. Sit up x 10
  4. Lunge x 10
  5. Walk Down x 10

Eventhough the overall temperature was quite cooling, but under the tents, and with the pace of the non stop repeating sets of exercises, sweat was just pouring profusely.  It is like the sweat glands is out of control.

Sweat it out under the tents

Today’s cool down routine also been renewed. Brand new set of cooling down exercises. A series of body stretching method.  I  was struggling with those. As coach said my body is out of tune. One of the routine was the Cobra stance. This is nice as it stretches my hamstring mucles.

Though it is a grey day today with heavy clouds and raining non-stop, it is cleared with a swift of fruitful exercises in PooA Tiyam Cheng…Half an Hour is all it takes and all you need to brighten up your day.

See you at the next SEDEF training.


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