Kaw Lat – 5Apr2017

There is a brand new routine that coach Toh is introducing for today called Kaw Lat, 够力. It is hokkien meaning Deep Sh*t or Screwed. A quick peek at the recipe for this menu, I have to say it live up to its name 🙂

A little bit on the build up and my state going into this workout today:

  • Sleep: about 7 hours
  • Water intake: less than 1 litre
  • Resting Heart Rate (RHR): 64bpm (Garmin)
  • Donated 450ml of blood in the morning
  • Blood Pressure: 138/75 mmHg (Omron)
  • Ran 3km at avg pace of 6:18mins

I’m quite exhausted going into the training today.  My plan today was to run 5km either before or after the physical training session.  As I’d arrived quite late, I only managed to do 3km instead of 5km. With just a brief warmup I’d jumped straight to the running, which I believe I’d strained my ankle muscle a little after that.

Today’s menu

Kaw Lat recipe:

  1. 2km run
  2. Squat x 50
  3. Burpees x 50
  4. Push Up x 50
  5. Sit Up x 50
  6. Jumping Jack x 100

My experience on the workout:

When I saw the first item in today’s menu is to run 2km, I was happy.  I mean running is my kind of thing. But little did I know that all my 师哥师姐 are all very good in running. They are running at 5.30min pace and looked so relax about it. I’m very impressed. My pace for the 2km was about 6:18mins, quite ok for me. And by this time it further elevate the pain on my ankle.

The Burpees were really killing both my tighs. Both legs were wobbling and shaking.  I have to break the 50 reps into multiple batch instead of doing it in one go.

By the time I got into the push up, I was floored.  I did my first 25 rep, and completely lying on the floor face down. Eventhough I did half posture push up.  Hooi Chee gave me a tap with her left foot…Meaning “don’t get too comfortable there,  time to continue bro”.  It was a silent language.

Perhaps should add another 2km run at the end of the menu (item number 7)…That would be Ching Kaw Lat…Hahaha just joking.

I have to apologize to my friend who is waiting for me to do some running after the SEDEF training, that I’m not able to run with him.  Better take it easy for a scheduled 21km run tomorrow at the same venue.
I got to remember to prescribe to the SEDEF motto…Sleep 8 hours each day, Drink 3 litre of water each day.

See you at the next SEDEF training.


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