Struggle of an unfinished Half Marathon – 6Apr2017

Pre-arranged a HM distance run in stadium 2 days ago. It did not start well, with my left bottom foot spasm (I think it is the Plantar Fascia and Peroneus tendon). It was doubtful since 2 days ago. But I thought that maybe it will ease and recover in time for today’s run. Despite that I’d applied the Counter Pain lotion several times a day.

The pain was spiteful the minute I started running on the track. I thought maybe a couple of km the pain will go away.  Well it doesn’t , in fact I’d stopped at every 200m in the first 3km.

State going into the workout:

  • Weather: Cool down as the sun sets – average about 29 degree celcius
  • Time starts: about 6:15pm
  • Sleep: 6:26 hours
  • Food: Bee hoon & coffee for breakfast, McChicken set at McD for lunch, a couple of bananas before run
  • Mood: Determined, until the first stride with the foot pain
  • Body condition: Foot condition is doubtful

Planned for HM 21km but actual fact only archive 16km. Largely due to Plantar fascia and Peroneus area pain.



Reflecting at the records:

Pace table
  1. First 3 km was really struggling with constant stoppages
  2. Km 4-5 was good as my legs were warm up at this point. Less pain on the bottom foot.
  3. Took a bio break and water replenishment. Due to that the pain at the foot returns. That’s why i have to restart the momentum at km 6-7.
  4. At this time, more runners joined me, Wendy, Chin Heng, Gideon, Ruby, Kam, Jason. We ran at a slower but comfortable 8+ mins pace.  Soon we all ran at our pace.
  5. Tried to shave some minutes by reducing the pace in km 9-11. At this time i find myself tried to contained the pain at my foot using mind blocking. That is shielding my mind from the left foot pain signal.
  6. Yet the pain is still there. I knew i got to cut the run short, so I’d added some speed work in the last 3km. Around 200m fast, 200m slow. The overall time and pace per lap (1km) appears to be slower. As it took the pace of walking into account.
  7. At the final km, KM 16, I’d pickup the speed and went for it. Ya finish the run in high note. Objective archived.
Pace, Heart Rate, Cadences

From Garmin advise – Training Effects:

4.3 Overreaching

This activity was very demanding while it can significantly improve your cardio-respiratory fitness, it can become harmful without enough recovery time and should be done sparingly.

With this advise, i should be taking a rest until this Sunday’s LSD, which I so looking forward to.  This time I’m going to make it to the 30th KM.

What have I learned from this run:

  • Dealing with pain.  Not easy and it could ruin your run.  I have thought of giving up the run in the 1st KM as the pain is there making it an uncomfortable run.
  • Run is a run and to deliver a promised that you had made. Show up to the arranged run event for yourself and also for other runners. It is a commitment.
  • At times I felt like walking all the way as running was hurtful to my foot. I would without a doubt doing that if I’m in the virtual race of the Pasem 1,000km challenge. Just clocking the mileage no matter run or walk.  That is also the reason I’m reluctant to join the second edition of the challenge.  I’ll walk when the pain is unbearable and will run all the way. Would pause the tracking in the watch when going to other place or extensive walk. I’m not collecting mileage.
  • Exercising my mental strength by not giving up easily. I told myself, “Let’s see how’s the pain in the next KM”. I’d tried to run slower to suit the pain and stamina, or push it to see how far can I go before the pain becomes unbearable.
  • When you have managed the pain, don’t stop else, you have to restart the momentum again. And it will be a  double pain in the foot.
  • Running in a group will make your run smoother, as you are not focusing on the pain, sort of distracted.  As we are talking to each other, our brain ‘forgets’ briefly about the pain.
  • I shall put some ice or oilmen at the foot portion to ease the inflammation in the foot area.

If you have any advise, please drop a line or two.  Would very much appreciates your help.

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