Kaw Lat – 14Apr2017

It was drizzling when I’d reached central park around 5.45 pm and there wasn’t any sign of it easing up.  It got heavier as it was nearer to the starting time of our workout.  All of us were under some sort of shelter.  Coach arrived right on the dot as he never late before.  As the training ground was all wet, we were wondering how else to put our yoga mat and to do the exercises under the rain, which was getting heavier by the time.

Without warm up, coach just gave out the command, “go run 2km, just follow Koo sir”.  Running, I thought.  This workout seems familiar.  Of course it is, Kaw Lat routine for today.  Perhaps it is ‘Kaw Lat wet‘, as the rain was still pouring.  As we are about to run in a line, Rachel called me and gave a sign that translated into (I think), “Hey Simon, running, our kind of dish” LOL, yaaahooo hahaha

Kaw Lat recipe:

IMG_20170414_185610 (1)
Today’s menu
  1. 2 km of running
  2. Squat x 50
  3. Burpee x 50
  4. Push Up x 50
  5. Sit Up x 50
  6. Jumping Jack x 100


Everything was slippery today due to the rain.  It made the workout more challenging, as I had to find something to grip on the wet surface.  The yoga mat felt like a flying carpet suddenly, and if not careful, it could actually fly.  Burpee is hard today, eventhough I’d tried the ‘Efficient Burpee‘ that coach thought us in the last workshop.  Wet from head to toe.  Rain water just mixed with our sweat…all just extra wet today.

Wet Workout
Relax for those early finisher


Message from coach:

SEDEF was completely drenched today but that didn’t dampen our spirit at all

Ya, what is rain?  Our skin are water proof, IP68 specification, even better than iPhone 7 and Samsung S8.  So no problem 🙂

If there is a will, there is always a way.  There will be no rain big enough to stop us from our routine workout, but only yourself.  See you at the next SEDEF training.


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