Running beyond the SRR 30k training distance – 16Apr2017

SRR LogoWeekends are supposed to be a relaxing, rejuvenating and unwinding time from the stress of the weekday job and tasks.  Why would one wants to stress the mind and body further on a Sunday?  This is a valid question worth of a debate.  Perhaps working towards a goal and fulfilling a milestone is all there is to it.  Sacrificing family time and juggling between inconveniences, could make one rethinks on whether does all these endeavors worth it.  Well, this will be a lifetime debate and the answer will reveal itself when the time comes.

It is exactly a month to go for my maiden full marathon.  This is my 5th 30k LSD on a Sunday.  My target was to evaluate whether this latest LSD is easier than last week’s LSD.  The answer was a resounding YES without a shadow of a doubt.  In short, there was no leg cramp, only slight foot pain (manageable), surpassed the ‘wall’ distance (18km), able to Fartlek at km22-km24, less stoppages, shed 8 mins off the total time (compared to last week’s LSD), and I did further distances, total of 33km!!.  So what did I do differently this time. As they said, the performance of a run was affected by what you had prepared on a day before, that leads to your form of the day both mentally and physically. And also what was the different element being introduced in this run that enable me to last a longer distance.  I like to experiment and mix things around to see what fits and what’s not.

Days before this LSD:

  1. Did a 15km loop (half run and half walk) in Stadium on Thursday (3 days prior).  After resting 3 days from the last week LSD.  It was a recovery exercise.
  2. On Friday (2 days prior), did a 9.5km run at Ecopark right after the SEDEF physical training.
  3. On Saturday (1 day prior), did house work a.k.a Cross Training 🙂
    • Fold my clothing x 1 rep
    • Wash my cloths and put out for drying x 1 rep
    • Mop the floor x 2 reps
  4. Food on the Saturday was; dim sum for breakfast, Laksa for lunch and Chinese restaurant dishes for dinner.
  5. Slept at around 10pm+ and had about 5 hours of sleep.
  6. Hydration throughout the day.
  7. Took a energy tablet (Guardian brand) in 500ml water before sleep.
  8. Knowing that there will be hydration support for the LSD, encourage me to run harder and push the boundaries without much worries (I think that helps).


The 3k Warm-up run:

  1. Had a simple Milo and corn flakes as breakfast on LSD day.
  2. Arrived early 4.22 am at Setia Badminton Academy.  Planned for a 5 km run before the start of the regular 30k LSD.
  3. This was organised by a few members and I thought what a wonderful idea.
  4. Among those that arrived on time for this run were Jason Ng, LeeAnne, Kwang, Kenny and myself.  Just the 5 of us.
  5. I would say that this is the key warm up run that made today’s run easier and last longer distance. Easy pace of around 8 mins.
  6. It regulates my breathing, running form, body posture, and the body movement momentum. Even the nagging left foot pain is realigning itself by the time finishing the 3km warm up run.
  7. It is a new route just behind the Toyota show room.  I never knew there are so many 24 hours eatery stalls there.
  8. We made a round and joined back the 5am group, right on time, and comply to the SRR timing rules 🙂
  9. I highly recommend this warm up run session.
  10. Perspired quite a lot. It was good in the physical sense that all my body component was woke up and ready to slave the mileage.  On the mental sense was that I’m ahead of everybody by 3km.  I know it’s not right, therefore I reset my watch for a fresh recording instead of a cumulative mileage.
warm up route
3km warm up route
Summary of 3k warm up run
stats of the warm up run


The 30k LSD run:

  1. Brought with me 3 sachets of ORS and a couple of energy tablets (Guardian brand).
  2. There were a bigger crowd compared to the usual 5am group.  Perhaps everybody is training for the upcoming Standard Chartered marathon.  An eyeball rough scanning to about 30 people.  
  3. I was quite happy to see so many of the runners at this time.  It has been quite a while to have this many runner this early.
  4. Master Chew called for a startup as it is already passed 5am.  We started at around 5:05am.
  5. Weather is quite stale but not so humid.  Not raining as I would expect it.
  6. For the first time, I was able to hold conversation from the start of the run.  According to Master, I laughed the loudest as well.  The good thing was all my breathing and cadences was composed even with all the talking and laughing.
  7. Normally at the Honda highway stretch leading to the entrance (1km mark), I would have lost the most of the group and end up running alone.  This time, the herds are holding together, some of the names I still remember from their silhouettes were Master Chew, Jason Ng, LeeAnne, Mong Shan, Ching Heng, Wendy, their daughter,  Madam Eng, Teh CM, Mohan, Tony Lim, Tang Yi Pang, Goh Kar Chun (do let me know if I’d missed anybody).
  8. It is like a bonding time with a large group of runner.  Instead of a sit down, it is a mobile virtual table moving in herds.  Even the dogs are scared of us.  The sound of our foot stomping the grounds and our laughter, were like the sound of music to runners (hopefully we did not woke up anybody around the housing area).
  9. As usual we were holding at the comfortable 8mins pace.  Passing 2km mark, 3km mark, 4km mark, 5km mark and I still can talk and laugh.  I was really impressed with myself.
  10. Some runners did breakout from us around km6 (first water station).  I’d put in the first energy tablet (water solvable) into the 600ml water bottle.  Refreshing.
  11. Didn’t manage to stop for long as Master is cutting the rest time short in this water station.
  12. Went up to the apartment and to the new road (low cost apartment) and out into Lim’s Garden, before joining to the 2nd water station.  It is about 6km.  Surprisingly, no nagging foot pain as last week.  I’d felt that my body and core is getting stronger (thanks to the SEDEF physical training).
  13. At the 2nd water station, I’d took a couple of bananas, gobbled a few small cups of 100 plus.  That nourished and hydrated my thirst.  However, I forgot to take the 2nd energy tablet and also forgot to bring a water bottle with him, as I hurried to leave the water station.  Everybody was asking me about the water bottle, which I told them that I forgot and I won’t turn back to take.  So I just have to go to the 3rd water station for that – which is at km18.
  14. Reached 3rd water station without any problem. Took the 2nd energy tablet.
  15. Went into the Ecopark stretch and even Tenby hill.  This time, I’d managed the Tenby hill quite comfortably…small cadences and up I was able to climbed from the steep slope and all the way to the 2nd roundabout.
  16. Ok, normally this would be km21 is the ‘wall’ of this LSD to me.  However, I was in form today.  Not only successfully descended the slope, but also complete the entire Ecopark course in good cadence.  Even slight exertion on the way out from EcoPark route (a bit similar to Fartlek routine).
  17. So where is the ‘wall’ for this week’s LSD?  well, it is around km25 – around Zawara / Modern Mamak.  I really want to stomp into modern mamak and grab a bottle of coke.  But yet again, I didn’t bring any money with me.  Perhaps that was a good thing.
  18. At this time, Jason Ng was the only one running alongside with me.  It is also the start of the heat training session (33 degress celcius).  He’d suggested this method 500m+500m.  Means power walk for 500m and lazy run for 500m.  If got more energy, increase to 1km+1km.  This is one good suggestion handle situation when I hit the wall next time and a good mental strength to have.  The idea is don’t walk all the way.  Maintain some mobility by running.
  19. Didn’t took the Casa Impian route as we decided to meet runners at the starting point and complete the remaining mileage with the warm-up route.
  20. All was well and reached the starting point – but only clocked at total of 27km.  There wasn’t any refreshment left at that time, except a small piece of watermelon.  I just take whatever left over.
  21. Some of the runners that was still around were quite surprise when I told them I’ll have to cover 3 more km after this watermelon.  I should have brought my camera to capture their expression of surprise.  I told them, I’m the person who must finish what I set for – unless I am not able to due to injury for example.
  22. Me and Jason took 1.5 loops of the warm up route to complete the 3km.  And even speed up at the very last 100m.  Exhaustion but satisfied.
  23. My whole body is thoroughly drenched from head to toe… underpants, knee guard, socks and even shoes were all wet.
30k route - 16Apr
30k route
Summary of 30k LSD
Stats of the 30k run


My farthest PB for this run:

Farthest PB


Conclusion to my run:

  1. Triceps is painful, struggle to put on the t-shirt especially right after shower.
  2. A little skin bruise at the inner ties and arms area.
  3. The smell of the perspiration was unusually strong.  Could be due to excessive sweating due to this long-long run.
  4. A total of 3k + 30k = 33km run
  5. Improved overall timing of the 30km by 7 minutes.
  6. In good form, could be due to:
    • Started running 2+km before the actual LSD. Engined warmed up
    • Ran at a 8min pace…Really comfortable
    • Can talk and laugh from the beginning until km 25.
  7. No cramp or foot pain – could be the energy pill I took night before and along water station number 1 and 2.



I can feel that my body is slowly adapting to this longer distance of running (2nd time).  I hope to maintain this form and even cover longer distance without stoppages in the next LSD.


See you at the next SRR LSD.




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