Hoe Say Liaw – 17Apr2017

I was contemplating whether to attend today’s training or not.  This is due to a hefty load of running I had a day before.  It was my longest distance run so far this year.  I can feel the soreness all over my body especially the arms area – Deltoids and Triceps.  I have difficulty stretching my arm to the back when fitting into a t-shirt.  But I came to the training anyway…which I glad I did.  Not only did the soreness subsides considerably after the workout, and I get to meet my cousin brothers whom I haven’t met for quite a while.

It is rather a cloudy evening which is perfect setting for a workout.  Today’s recipe is Hoe Say Liaw.  This should be my fourth Hoe Say Liaw I believe #HoeSayLiaw.


Hoe Say Liaw’s recipe:

Set A x 4 reps:

  • Push Up x 10
  • Squat x 10

Set B x 4 reps:

  • Sit up x 10
  • Jumping Squat x 10

Set C x 4 reps:

  • Wide Grip Push Up x 10
  • Jack Knife x 10
  • Burpees + Jump forward x 10

Set D x 4 reps:

  • Pike Push Up x 10
  • Lunge x 10

Set E x 4 reps:

  • Hindu Push Up x 10
  • Box Jump x 10
  • Bicycle x 20


Some of the improvement I’d experienced in this workout:

  1. The very first 3 push up at Set A, was killing my arms.  Both arms were shaken and wobbled with sharp soreness…ouch.  But subsided as the rep went on.
  2. I have a better control of my sit-ups.  I’d also felt the crunch during the Jack Knife routine.
  3. What I’d suffered the most was the Burpee routine.  I simply ‘beh thong’ on this one.
  4. Learned a proper Hindu Push Up from Tang-Sri.  The key is using the strength of your back.


My cousin – 表弟

See you at the next SEDEF training.


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