See You at Work Training in a mid week – 20Apr2017

Thursday has become a restart of my weekly run.  As normally I would rest 3 days after the Sunday LSD.  Got to find a way to restart earlier and to have a shorter break than 3 days.  Probably to start a short run on Tuesday, a breakie on Wednesday before a longer run on Thursday.  I’ll figure it out later.

weather 20Apr2017.JPG

It has been a raining since 4pm today.  I was off from work at 5:30pm. Felt a bit hungry, so went to Aeon Big to grab the banana to eat in the car on the way to Stadium.  I’d prearranged an evening run with Jason Ng, Ching Heng and Wendy at the stadium.

Arrived at Stadium around 6.30pm and noticed not many people were running on the oval.  As it was still drizzling.  I was going into this run half-heartedly actually.  Feeling a bit lazy and sluggish (a symptom of resting too long).  Luckily I came across a video message at Facebook yesterday titled See You At Work from Denzel Washington.  It was drumming in my mind so loudly suddenly at that moment.  It was so loud that it got me out of my car and got change for the run, despite of the rain.

See You at Work

Keep working.  Keep striving.  Never give up.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.

Without commitment, you’ll never start.

But more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish.  

It will not be easy

Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.

So, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning.

See you at work.

– Denzel Washington

Watch the See you at work video in YouTube

Motivation and doing the actual work, are really two very different thing.  In fact I am convinced that it is of different dimension.  But you got about 10 minutes to switch into the Running dimension.  This is in the form of warm up.  So, the next time if you don’t feel like doing any run at any given day, just do this steps… Get yourself arrive at the place of workout (no matter what is the weather condition), get out from the car and do 10 minutes of warm up.  I bet your body and mind will be switched to the workout mode in 10 minutes.  And that is all the time that you need.  And you will be glad that you did so at the end of the workout.

Did a 2 round (about 1km) in the oval.  Oh man, it felt like eternal.  Everybody was passing me left and right.  Saw Ching Heng running in front by himself.  I’d joined Wendy and Jason running in a separate pack about 200m at the back.  After a couple of rounds I got bored and suggested a little choo-choo train routine to the pack, which they play along.  Though it is not at fast pace, just about 6:45-7:15min, it was actually quite fun.  A few km went by without a hitch. It is easier to cover the mileage with this routine.  As we were running in a line, the people who ‘occupied’ at the outer lane sort of giving way to us – a VIP treat 🙂

Choo-Choo train:

Running in a group lining up in a line.

The person in the front will lead the group in the line with his/her pace at that time.

After 400m, the last person in the pack will take over as the leader of the pack.  He/she will run with their pace.

If the leader runs at a higher pace, all members in the pack must follow that pace.

All members have to be in the pack, and nobody is allowed to overtake each other in any given time.

This routine will end when all member did their round.  For example, if there are 4 people, the pack has to do 4 rounds of 400m.  If 10 people, 10 rounds of 400m.

Condition prior to this run:

  • Sleep: 5:54 hours
  • Breakfast – Nasi Lemak, Lunch – Wan Tan Mee, Dinner – Bananas
  • Weather: Raining – with about 26 degree celsius

Condition during the run:

  • Rain stopped half way at the run
  • Body felt alright during the run, with control cadences
  • No leg pain or what so ever
  • Managed to achieve average cadence of 179 spm.  An increased for me
  • Did a 4:41min pace at the last 200m – a satisfied exhaustion

Condition after the run:

  • After the 10km distance run, my body felt good.
  • If I wasn’t rushing for time, I could do 5km more mileage.
  • Cool down by walking about 2.0km
20Apr2017-run route
The location
20Apr2017-performance data
Performance data
The splits data

Signing out now, in the meanwhile, Keep Working and See You at Work.


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