A Weak-End LSD 30k – 23Apr2017

What started strongly has a weak ending to this week’s attempt of the 30k LSD. It was caused by a simple refueling error at the 2nd water station.  In short I ate too many banana :).  This was a very valuable lesson to me today, that I shall not repeat at the actual event run coming next month.

As Master had discouraged me to check on my watch frequently, I’d tried to observe the time when I’d reach a certain place.  A different type of perspective and method to know your timing.  The first thing I’d noticed was the time I’d left the 2nd water station.  Normally it will be around 7:00AM.  But it was much earlier than that today.  I think early by 10mins.  I was encouraged by that achievement.  This should be the sub 8mins pace I had so far today.

Even though I’d walk from the 24th km, but the time I’d trimmed in the early mileage was enough to shed the overall timing I was having.  So if I’d continue with even a slower pace of 9min, I should be hitting a PB at the end of 30km.  But as they say, listen to the body – which I did, reluctantly.


Condition going into this run:

  • Slept: About 5 hours
  • Weather: Overcasting with cool breeze of average 25 degree Celsius
  • Breakfast: Nestle Nestum with Corn Flakes
  • Energy tablet: Guardian energy 1 tablet before sleep
  • Recovery & Rest: Last Thursday was my last run (only run) this week.  Was resting since then.


There were quite many SRR member started at 5AM today.  Perhaps it is already near the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (21st May 2017).  And everybody is putting on the training mode for this event.  Master Chew and I arrived at SBA around 4:35AM.  It was obviously too early, as we were the only one there.  So, we did a two round warm of slow jog around the area.  When all the members arrived, we started the run on the dot (international standard time).

Everybody was moving fluidly in a group, which quickly split out into subgroup.  The usual speedster includes Kam, Uncle Anthony, Mohan, CK Tan (and more which I couldn’t tell from their silhouette in the distance).  Our usual suspect LSD consistent paced runner were me, Master Chew, Tan Yi Pang, Tony Lim, CM and Alex.  CM and Alex were new to our pack.  Chong Yit Mei was the only lady in the all-boys 5AM starter.  She soon sped off as she was looking to join her dad, Uncle Anthony, in the leading pack.  We were moving at the usual pace of 8min at the 1st km and soon increase the speed with the sub 8min pace in the subsequent mileage.  I really felt good in the higher pace.  This could be due to the sufficient rest I had before this LSD (3 days of quality good rest).  This is what the expert emphasize the importance of recovery.

Reached 1st water station, feeling good really. Popped in the first energy tablet into the water bottle.  Continue to the next water station with the same sub 8mins pace.  I remembered telling Master that I was in form today.  Felt strong with sustainable cadences.  As reaching the 2nd water station, I quickly gobbled a couple of 100Plus in small cups and bananas.  If you want to witnessed how a banana can be consumed in the Guinness book of records time, you should see me swallowing 3 bananas in less than a minute.  At this time Rabbit (Mr. Lee) was there busy chasing out everybody from staying too long there.  And he was not impressed to find out that I’d consumed too many bananas.  “Are you crazy” he said. “Get on moving”.  Little did I knew that it started to take a toll on my subsequent mileage – that cut short my LSD for today.  Still feeling good I’d marched on further.  As I moved out from the water station I quickly realized that I was earlier than my usual time.  It is still not yet 7AM.  About 10 mins earlier by timing.  I am encouraged by that speed that I had.

Moving back into the apartment loop and into Ecopark, and I still felt good.  I didn’t even stopped at the 3rd water station.  At about half way into the Ecopark loop, disaster struck.  Felt a pulling sensation at the right side of my stomach.  I thought was a normal cramp due to the increased pace with the long distance but then soon realize it could be the bananas.  Too much that stuffed in the stomach.  Bad news.  A bit of struggle climbing the Tenby slope and coming down.  And everything is grinded to a halt at the exit of Ecopark.  Tried to still run a bit after that, but the ‘wall’ was too high to climb and too thick to bulldoze this time.  Walked about 3km-4km back to base.

LSD route
Sustained cadences with increased pace


Master Chew who sacrificed his training at a slower speed just to pace me – thank you so much sifu


There will be no LSD next Sunday due to the SRR relay run event.  So see you at the week after next training.

Extra info:

  • Was wearing a cap. Less flow of sweats from head to eyes during the run. However, it got soaked into the cap until a point where it overflowed from the bill of the cap like a waterfall – at Tenby hill portion.
  • There was a trial run on the SRR Relay run, and drawing of team members of respective team lead, happening from 7.15am around the Setia City Mall area..
  • Those that arrived to the base early or were doing a shorter route.

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