Ultra 3.0

Canopy-clubThis is the third edition of the Ultra event co-organised by Jason Ng and Ching Heng.  It is an overnight run from evening to the next morning running event, located in Setia EcoPark stretch.  Originally formed for the Pasem 1,000km challenger since last year.  Run or walk to collect mileage was the modus operandi and objective of this overnight sleep deprivation event.

The previous Ultra event was as follows:

  1. Ultra 1.0 – 24-25 Sept 2016
  2. Ultra 2.0 – 27-28 Oct 2016
  3. Ultra 3.0 – 23-24 Apr 2017

I’d have the previllage to join the Ultra 2.0 onwards.  At that time I’d managed to clocked 30.80km in 4.42 hours.  I still remembered that the running was at the higher ratio than the walking portion.  One of the memorable moment was running the highway stretch (just outside the Tenby) at almost sprint speed.  It was quite an exhaustive experience.

However, in this lastest Ultra 3.0, my walking ratio was way higher than the running portion – 2/3 of it was walking.  Both my legs simply couldn’t barged for a running momentum.  Perhaps I did 27km of LSD earlier of the morning.  I broke the recording of the mileage into several parts:

  1. Part 1 – 10.01km (Running)
  2. Part 2 – 1.03km (Walking)
  3. Part 3 – 10.06km (Walking)
  4. Part 4 – 7.02km (Walk-Run)

It was raining heavily during the Part 4 portion.  Me, LeeAnne and Wendy just surged on running in the rain.  Quite a refreshing experience.

This latest edition of run, Ultra 3.0, attracted more participants compared to the previous edition.  So many new faces and children as well.  This goes to show that the Ultra is popular now.  Food were in abundance, and i just couldn’t stop eating in my first break.  The most difficult challenge for me was getting myself out from the pit-stop.  Just too many refreshments to break your momentum.  Probably this is part of the training as well.  Mental strength training 😉

There’s not much of a gathering in the pit-stop really.  Everybody was busy clocking the mileage and those who really adamant about their time and distance will make fewer stops and continues to move to the targeted mileage they were here for.  I can see those 1,000km participants were really focused in their movement.  Those that were not in this challenge will clock around 30km.  Sifu Danny Chai was one of the participants who ran all the way looping the course vigorously and clocked 32km.  Wow, just simply wow.  I’d witnessed ultra hero in real life.

You can view the album in here.

According to the initial rules, all 1,000km challenger must do 50km and non-participant to do 25km.  Compound will be imposed to DNS (Did Not Start) and DNF (Did Not Finish), RM100 and RM50 respectively.  It was overruled and waived later on as non of the 1,000km challenger reached the goal.

So in summary, I had clocked total of 28.12km and burned 1,865c.  If adding the morning LSD (27.31km 1804c), it will be a total of 55.43km and 3,669c.  No wonder I can’t run most of the course compared to Ultra 2.0.

As Jason said, revenge shall serve it’s due in the next edition of Ultra.  Until then Keep Working and see you at work.


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