SCKLM 2017 – final week countdown

This is the final week to my maiden marathon.  Nerves has been in the build up for a couple of months now, and it is picking up in momentum at this final week.

So let’s see what’s are the to do for this week (after consulted and advised from all my sifus):

  1. Sleep early this week
  2. Increase the water intake this week
  3. No long runs – perhaps short run
  4. Do more stretches – especially the leg, calf, hamstring, to restore the elasticity of the muscle group.
  5. Consume more fruits to flush or detox the stomach
  6. Don’t carbo load on the eve of the event to avoid stomach upset or frequent the toilet on the event day


Advise from Master:

This weekdays minimum (light) training slow jog 5/6 km, physical exercise  around 30 mins. Always stay hydrated, rest (adequate sleep). Take fruits or fruits salad for easy bowel(waste) removal, 2 days prior to race day. When you feel your body’s light, it’s very good sign. Never try anything new you never try before; shoes, running gears, food …….

These were the tips from questions I’d asked to SRR sifus last year in my maiden HM – SCKLM 2016:

1. What to eat and not to eat during this final week?

as normal what you eat everyday. nothing fancy. not necessarily carbo load. i feel those for elite

2. Do we do short runs (5km) daily to get all the muscle group ready on the day?

ya just short n slow n steady. not necessary daily. just what u do every week just shorten the distance. keep yr muscle hot n burning

3. Physical training alternate days?

not necessary but do stretch more

4. What to do on the eve of the event day?

sleep early

5. How to calm the nerve and excitement on the marathon day?

that how you need to train this. maybe just keep thinki tomo is just a lsd in setia alam

6. Do we wake up early (how early) and what are the list to do?

of course need to be early as you need to travel but not so so early

7. When the gun goes off, with thousands of eager runners surrounding you, how to talk to yourself to stay calm and run your pace?

one method i used to do to numb out others footstep is i concentrate counting my steps and breathing are there in rhythm

Some facts from SCKLM’s editorial

An incredible 12,512 race slots were snapped up on the first day of registrations on Monday, 16 Jan, which is about a third of the total number of race slots available. According to Rainer, an encouraging aspect this year was that registrations for the Full and Half Marathon categories sold out quicker than the usually more popular 10km and 5km categories.

“We have been consciously trying to increase the level of competitiveness for SCKLM 2017 and we are very happy to see that the popularity of the longer distances are increasing. In fact, we’ve closed the Full Marathon category with 8,000 runners in total this year, constituting a 7% increase from 2016 and the highest number recorded in this category so far for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. So for the first time our Running Clinics will have two sessions specifically for runners who are going to attempt their first Full Marathon and first Half Marathon,” he said.

The data gleaned from the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017’s registrations this year also show that there will be 1,381 runners from 63 different nationalities taking part, with the highest number of international runners coming from Indonesia (325) followed by the United Kingdom (146) and India (132).

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon has grown to become the premier running event in Malaysia that draws thousands of local and international runners to the country whilst firmly establishing Malaysia in the global running calendar. The 2017 edition of the race will once again see sponsorship from Title Sponsor Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, along with Honda Malaysia, Brooks, Lucozade, Seiko and Pacific Regency.


Some of the pacing and expectation shared by the Pacers, Yew Khuay or YK:

I was asked to write a 4:00 hr marathon pace guide, here you go:

  1. You don’t need lengthy wordy pace guide, just qualify yourself if you are ready for 4hrs by checking if u can close one eye to run a comfy 1:55 half marathon any give day.
  2. If you qualify, then you will find your pacers at 21KM point around 1:57-1:58 hrs, that means u would hv rested 2-3mins and taken the gels that u supposed to take or electrolytes to prevent disasters from happening.
  3. Follow your pacers for the remaining 21KM, enjoy the musics that he plays if the speaker still working. Run in front if u hate the musics, run beside if u want to voice control the album.
  4. 25KM and 32KM got free gels, I don’t see why u will complaint not having enough fuels.
  5. 29KM and 35KM got banana if you are big eater. If u do take, throw your peels responsibly. 🙂
  6. You should be experienced enough to handle elevation or you are in the wrong race for a 4:00 hr marathon.
  7. If I have to remind you to hydrate yourself for a race in KL, you sucks.
  8. You should know how many packs of gels you need to complete your race, if u still with me at 38KM and u really need that extra gel, ask from me (you pity…)
  9. Don’t complaint about human jam in the last few KM, you should have known this would happen given the flag off time for HM but usually the ladies at this finishing timing are pretty, hot and pretty hot.
  10. If you want to follow my fuel strategy anyway, as below:
  • 13-15KM- 1st gel/ salt stick/ anti fatigue
  • 21-23KM- 2nd gel
  • 25KM- keep that gel/ salt stick/ anti fatigue
  • 30-32KM- 3rd gel, and keep that gel
  • 37KM- 4th gel if I remember or need to

* I don’t follow strictly when I take the gels and other stuff, but I do take them either 1 station before or after the plan depends on the crowd at water station and body feels. So banana maybe yes maybe no.

Here you go, quite lengthy already. No u don’t need a pace chart band, that’s why u follow pacers, let the pacers worry about that, just FOCUS on running.

Your pacers usually look very cool but are normally friendly so don’t be shy, talk to them and they may distract you from the pain and torture your brain makes you delusionally think you have.


Racekit collection experience:

This year the collection is at KL Convention Center.  Previous year was in Kenanga Fashion City.  The experience was a smooth one.  I have to give it a 5 star to the collection center.  Great traffic control and ample place separate between the racekit collection section and exhibition section.


Site note:

This was a work from fellow runner SS Lai in the effort to persuade Master Chew in coming for the run.  A wonderful experience to be considered as role model for SRR.

from the left; Jason Ng, Simon Low, Ching Heng, Master Chew, Eddie Ng

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