Returning to SEDEF – Hoe Say Liaw 24May2017

It has been a month of absent to SEDEF training for me.  It is a coinsidance that the last training I had in 26 April was also Hoe Say Liaw, and it was held in stadium as well.

This has been the third day since my marathon on last Sunday.  This is a perfect recovery training from that run.  It was nice to see everybody again after so long.  

Today’s menu

Hoe Say Liaw:

Set A x 4 reps:

  • Push Up x 10
  • Squat x 10

Set B x 4 reps:

  • Sit up x 10
  • Jumping Squat x 10

Set C x 4 reps:

  • Wide Grip Push Up x 10
  • Jack Knife x 10
  • Burpees + Jump forward x 10

Set D x 4 reps:

  • Pike Push Up x 10
  • Lunge x 10

Set E x 4 reps:

  • Hindu Push Up x 10
  • Tug Jump x 10
  • Bicycle x 20

My running buddy, Jason Ng had joined SEDEF’s training today. It was a pleasant surprise that I bumped into him in the warm up run at the oval.  He is nursing an injury at his right hamstring. He was hoping to get better through this physical training.  Coach Toh taught him a few stretching techniques to improve his condition.

Lem was showing Jason the Hoe Say Liaw recipe

Waiting for coach

 Today’s wisdom from coach:

“FAITH is not thinking everything will be ok. FAITH is, when things are not ok and are not coming your way, you still have the strength to believe that things will be ok.”

See you at the next SEDEF training.


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