Kaw Lat – 31May2017

It has been a hectic month for me, with kids hospitalized due to dengue and work schedule, what a way to end the month with such work out routine. And did I mentioned that I’d completed my maiden marathon 2 weeks ago (ok, I did).

I did a warm up run at the oval with my son.  He had just recovered from a long leave due to dengue fever and now that it is school holiday.  A perfect time to get him into shape.  As we joined the SEDEF session on time, I’d noticed some of the members were already doing Squatting routine, and quite a few going into the oval for a run.  Ahhh… this must be the Kaw Lat routine…i can recognize it.

Coach arrived late due to massive traffic jam.  But the show still went on.

Today’s menu

Kaw Lat recipe:

  1. 2 km of running
  2. Squat x 50
  3. Burpee x 50
  4. Push Up x 50
  5. Sit Up x 50
  6. Jumping Jack x 100


Word of wisdom from Selene Choo:

“You can sit at the side, safely and comfortably, watching the rest jumping up & down, running in circles.
Same applies to your life. This time, you will be watching your life goes by while thinking about “What IF?”


See you at the next SEDEF training.


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