Hoe Say Liaw – 19June2017

It was a good weather today for an outdoor SEDEF workout.  Despite the buka puasa traffic condition, I was able to reach Central Park Setia Alam in about 30 minutes.  I’d put in some effort to attend today’s workout knowing that I can’t make it for this Wednesday’s session.  I have a special invitation to the early screening of the premier Transformers: The Last Knight movie.  Super excited about that.  Sorry coach, I have to ‘ponteng’ this Wednesday.

There were an awkward moment where everybody was waiting for coach to kick start today’s session.  But it got off the ground shortly after.


Today’s menu


Hoe Say Liaw’s recipe:

Set A x 4 reps:

  • Push Up x 10
  • Squat x 10

Set B x 4 reps:

  • Sit up x 10
  • Jumping Squat x 10

Set C x 4 reps:

  • Wide Grip Push Up x 10
  • Jack Knife x 10
  • Burpees + Jump forward x 10

Set D x 4 reps:

  • Pike Push Up x 10
  • Lunge x 10

Set E x 4 reps:

  • Hindu Push Up x 10
  • Box Jump x 10
  • Bicycle x 20



First SEDEF injury

I took a stumble while doing the box jump at the bigger staircase steps.  It scratched my left shin.  Didn’t felt the pain as my exhaustion was more than the skin pain.  It is my first SEDEF injury, my first SEDEF scar (If I can categorized it that way) hahahaha.  “What is pain, when you can continue doing the SEDEF routine….Hoe Say Liaw!!!”





Today’s wisdom from coach Toh:

“You can fail at doing the things you don’t like. So, you might as well take your chances in doing the things you love.” Jim Carrey.


See you at the next SEDEF workout. Ops, next-next workout session, I meant.



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