Hoe Say Liaw – 28June2017

After skipping a consecutive of 3 SEDEF workout due to the Transformer movie and family holiday trip to Ipoh, I’m back to the workout in Stadium Kota Raja.  This time I brought my children for the workout.  It was fun seeing them suffer aka training in the workout routine.


As coach Toh was late, the stand-in coach of the day was Mr. Koo.  It was a hilarious moment when he was challenged by Jo 姐 during the warm up session.  No harm done, just a gesture of comedy to lighten up the session.

It came in full circle as the last workout was Hoe Say Liaw on 19June2017.  And today was Hoe Say Liaw again.

Today’s menu

Hoe Say Liaw’s recipe:

Set A x 4 reps:

  • Push Up x 10
  • Squat x 10

Set B x 4 reps:

  • Sit up x 10
  • Jumping Squat x 10

Set C x 4 reps:

  • Wide Grip Push Up x 10
  • Jack Knife x 10
  • Burpees + Jump forward x 10

Set D x 4 reps:

  • Pike Push Up x 10
  • Lunge x 10

Set E x 4 reps:

  • Hindu Push Up x 10
  • Box Jump x 10
  • Bicycle x 20


Lesson learned, do not bring your children to SEDEF workout if you want to have a full-on workout.  I confess that I didn’t complete all the routine above.


See you at the next SEDEF workout.



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