Cheah Lat – 5July2017

Today’s workout really live up to its name, Cheah Lat. In my humble opinion it came with a bonus called ‘Or Pi Hin’ (almost faint point). Really low on energy for today’s workout. Interestingly, my last Cheah Lat was 22 Mar 2017. How I’d evaded this workout for such a long period, was a mere coincident, I hope. 😉

The oval

Prior to the usual SEDEF workout, I did 10 reps of stairs climbing and 2km run at the oval. So as you can imagine that my energy was depleted at this point.

Stairs training

Cheah Lat was the order for today’s workout.  I vividly remember that it was either 1 set or 2. Then coach confirmed that it was going to be 2 set minimum.

Today’s menu

30 seconds for each 16 exercises, with 20 seconds interval rest. 

  • Warm up – 10mins
  • Cheah Lat round 1 – 15 mins
  • Rest – 5 mins
  • Cheah Lat round 2 – 20 mins
  • Rest – 5 mins
  • Cheah Lat bonus round – 15 mins
  • Cool down – 5 mins

Cheah Lat round consists of the following exercises:

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Mountain Climber
  3. 90° Jumping Squat
  4. Push up
  5. Walking Lunge
  6. Burpee
  7. Ice Skater
  8. Bicycle
  9. High Knees
  10. Sit Up
  11. Twist Jump
  12. Pike Push Up
  13. Sumo Squat
  14. Tit and Tàt
  15. In and Out
  16. Toes Touch

Really Cheah Lat as there was a third round/set of those exercises.  The third round was initially meant for the SEDEF’s seniors or elders:), but somehow everybody had joined in for the final and bonus round.  All my muscles and joints already ‘beh thong’ immovable, in fact were screaming for bail out, but it was the mysterious energy of togetherness that kept me going.  I wasn’t full-on and all out, but still moving and try to complete each exercises within the 30 seconds time-frame at a slower pace.


The spirits of togetherness


Today’s wisdom by Selene Choo:

You can’t grow in your comfort zone.

In each workout, you need to push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, to test new boundaries, to set new limits.


See you at the next SEDEF workout.


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