Enter the dragon’s lair LSD – 8July2017

DragonBack-8July2017-mapThe intimidating rolling hills with no visible end route and hazy horizon of the Dragon Back had became popular of late among the SRR members.  It even attracted SEDEF members for this unforgiving and punishing LSD run.

Sumptuous proportion of buffet dinner yesterday at a relative’s birthday party had successfully shot up my calories intake to many fold allowable by the ministry of health for the day.  Mutton, Satays, Nasi Briani, coconut jelly, bee hoon, fried chickens, and many-many more.  I felt that my waist line expanded by a few inches on the spot. I was worrying whether I would be able to run the hills of dragon back the next day 🙂

This is my second consecutive training at the dragon’s lair, a third for many of the SRR members.  I’d arrived 5 minutes before the starting time of 5:30am.  Many runner started their run sharp on time, when I was still preparing myself.  I’d started the run without any warm up.  An injury prone practice that is not encouraged.

I’d bought a new headlamp from Mr. DIY.  It is a huge lamp and weighs a bit as well.  The 2 level power control (4 led and 12 led) were very bright indeed.  when shone the light in pitch dark area, it has a long beam ray that could ridicule Batman’s SOS light beam hahaha.  It was so bright that it would temporarily impaired anyone’s vision, stirred away any incoming vehicle (make it looks like a huge car going their way) and most importantly it will blind any snake crossing your path.  The only downside is the weight.  Let’s just say that it will give you a stiff neck after 1 hour running with it.

I was chasing a quartet of SEDEF runners who was about 300m away from me at the start of the run.  They just passed the first hill slope which I was trying to climb.  Then I’d realized that I forgot to bring along my water bottles which I’d prepared and it was on my car’s windscreen.  At that time I had a choice to turn back or march on.  I chose the later.  I’d ended up running the entire dragon back without any hydration support, which is my first.  Keeping my patience in tag and breathing steady, I’d eventually managed to caught on the SEDEF quartet.  Their pace was frighteningly consistent, even when climbing the steep hills.  I had to walk a little at a few spots.  But they won’t notice as I was behind them all the way.

We were running together until the u-turn point (5.5km mark).  Not a word were uttered since the beginning mark until this point.  Everybody was so concentrated at their cadences and paces.  Only the sound of our heartbeats and footsteps.  My pace was good, hovering around 7:30 min on average.  The quartet starts to show signs of slowing down from this point onward.  I knew that I can overtake them as I still got some stamina in my tank.  I was thinking that this might be my PB la.  That was until I’d encountered the last running pack (LeeAnne, Eng, Tony and Wendy) at the 6 km mark, opposite road.  I’d decided to slow down and join them.  Which I’m glad that I did.  There were so much conversation going on between us.  Not to mention laughter which made the run very enjoyable.  Chin Heng and Jason Ng joined us at a later stage as they were practicing hill repeats.  Out of the many topic in our conversation, Madam Eng asked me about the milege status of my 1KC 2nd edition.  How can I forgotten about it completely?  I think I still have half way to go with not much time left, and definately under mileage at this point.  Got to ramp up the weekly mileage, 80km/week (gulp).

Discovery of a new path:

At a later KM mark (around 9th km), we’d passed by what seemed like a new road into a kampung road, freshly tar road.  There was a sign “Welcome to Kampung Bukit Cherakah Jaya”.  We decided to enter the road to explore.  It was quite daring of us now that I come to think about it.  But it was also added a refreshing point to our routine run.  We runners are a curious bunch when discovering new route.  Like a cat attracted to fishes, and fishes attracted to water.  “Where does this leads to?”, “Lets run to that end”, “Wow, never seen this before” were the typical conversation from us.  As it is an internal road parallel to the main road, very less traffic.  Which made our run very safe.  We just have to keep our voice down, as the people in those houses were probably still sleeping.



We came out of the Taman and joined back to the main road and finished the run in style.  It was really a nice workout.

Happy with the cadences for the first 6km

The following was the summary timing clocked:

  • Cumulative time: 1:49:38
  • Average Pace: 8:26 min/km (best pace 4:41 min/km)
  • Average Run Cadence: 155 spm (max cadence 241 spm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.77 m
  • Elevation: Gain 270 m  Loss 273 m
  • Temperature:  Avg 26.1 °C, Min 25.0 °C, Max 28.0 °C


By the end of this run, I’m happy to report that all the party food was thoroughly digested.  The feeling of guild had been lifted and erased.


Video of the run ==> https://www.relive.cc/view/1072592060

All the other Dragon Back run: https://kayseong.wordpress.com/tag/dragonback/




  1. Now the Sedef quartet know u walked when they read your blog here. Hahaha, nice write up, Simon 👍

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