Weekend SRR LSD – 9July2017

SRR LSD 9July2017After missing the regular SRR LSD due to holiday season, I’m back to LSD at Setia Badminton Academy.  I can still fell the soreness of my muscles from yesterday’s run at dragon back.  Applied the Counter Pain lotion and off I went for another SRR weekend run.

The sky was clear and no sign of raining.  It was the 16th day of June, 六月十六, according to the Chines calendar.  It was a full moon and can be seen brigtening the area of Setia Badminton Academy at the 6am period.  Ya, running under the moonlight.  It was either romantic or howling 🙂

There we many event held today, must be an auspicious dat for running.  The Hulu Langat marathon, the IJM Rimbayu run, trail run event at Duta 2.  I wasn’t expecting a big turn out at our regular LSD in here.  In fact our cook was participating in the Hulu Langat marathon.  However, there were surprisingly about 15 runners turned up.  And there was hydration support (done by Ah Keong’s son).

I was running with Master Chew, Jace Kee and Jeff Liong.  It was the routine LSD where I’ll last the distance with slower pace.  Despite the fresh soreness, I’m able to maintain the cadences until the first water station (6km distance).  I’d also noticed that I’m able to run continuously without stoppages for at least 6km distance.  This is a great improvement for me compared to 1 year ago when I first joined the SRR.

Overall I’d tried to continue running and minimizing stoppages.  It was not easy at all as all my legs were screaming with pain.  I guess this is the only way to increase endurance.  Rain storm was threatening at the end of the run.  The cool breeze was a welcomed one, as I was able to muster the second wind to dash to the finishing line.

SRR LSD 9July2017-performance
Happy with the cadences

The following was the summary timing clocked:

  • Cumulative time: 2:02:02
  • Average Pace: 7:40 min/km (best pace 5:12 min/km)
  • Average Run Cadence: 172 spm (max cadence 201 spm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.76 m
  • Elevation: Gain 75 m  Loss 103 m
  • Temperature:  Avg 26.5 °C, Min 26.0 °C, Max 28.0 °C


View the video of the run here (https://www.relive.cc/view/1074416880)



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