Sea Bay Song – 10July2017

After 2 continuous running since last weekend LSD, the Dragon Back and Setia Badminton Academy, most of my muscle group are still sore.  Especially on the left Plantar Faciitis.  I can feel the tightness at those area.

Since I’d arrived early at Setia Central Park, I thought to do some running to loosen up the tightness.  During the first loop (2km) it is unbearable and I would want to stop at multiple point.  Somehow I continue on without stopping and ended up doing 5km.  The pain was gone around 3.5km, quite magical.  The drizzling made the run really enjoyable.

The outdoor gym

Anyway Jo 姐 had informed be earlier that today’s menu will be Sea Bay Song.  Frankly I’d forgotten the routine, that I had to check with Wendy before the start of the exercise.  This is because I had only done 2 Sea Bay Song so far since I’d started i.e. 8 Feb and 20 Mar.  Upon looking at the menu, my eyes were as big as gold fish, filled with disbelieve…. 100x push up; 100x sit up; 25x burpee; 50x walking lunge; 100x jumping jack; 25x burpee; 100x squat; 100x mountain climber.   “Please don’t kill me” was my first thought.

Today’s menu

Today’s menu:

  1. Push Up x 100
  2. Sit Up x 100
  3. Burpee x 25
  4. Walking Lunge x 50
  5. Jumping Jack x 100
  6. Burpee x 25
  7. Squat x 100
  8. Mountain Climber x 100

Workout in progress

Can you imagine that I had cramps at both my arms during the start of the sit-up routine.  Must be the 100 x Pushup effects.  Quite hilarious.

puddle of sweats

After the workout, my whole body was completely drenched, puddle of sweats, all muscle group was completely exhausted, but my spirit still intact 🙂


Wisdom from Selene Choo:

No one say it’s easy but REALLY satisfying once you complete it 😉😍

Let’s sore today and STRONG tomorrow 💪🏼


To view the video of the 5km run here (

To view all Sea Bay Song workout write-up, please refer to here (


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