Cheah Lat – 14July2017

It was an unusually quiet Friday.  The weather is perfect for an evening workout in the Setia Alam Central Park.  Not many people turned up for today’s workout.  Our assistant coach, Vynn Lee, took charge, as coach Toh can’t make it today.


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Today’s menu is Cheah Lat.  At first, Vynn Lee wrote 3 rounds but was persuaded by some of us to reduce it to 2 rounds.  As not many people for today and we are rushing for time.  Very slick of us huh?

As usual, Vynn Lee is pushing us to complete the 2 rounds with her subtle yet effective way.  Just as we thought 2 rounds were completed, and I was rolling off my yoga mat, coach said “hey, not so fast, still one round to go”… walaueh, kena con already by coach.

This is mental strength exercise.  Pushing for another round when you thought you had finished the torture.  Though I was doing slower pace with the whatever left-over strength, I was glad that I did.  I felt great.

Today’s menu


Cheah Lat round consists of the following exercises (30 seconds for each 16 exercises, with 20 seconds interval rest):

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Mountain Climber
  3. 90° Jumping Squat
  4. Push up
  5. Walking Lunge
  6. Burpee
  7. Ice Skater
  8. Bicycle
  9. High Knees
  10. Sit Up
  11. Twist Jump
  12. Pike Push Up
  13. Sumo Squat
  14. Tit and Tàt
  15. In and Out
  16. Toes Touch


You can read the previous Cheah Lat’s workout here (


See you at the next SEDEF workout.



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