Quantity vs Quality run @ Botanic Walk – 18July2017


This was just a very short run.  I was contemplating whether to run longer at a slower pace, or shorter with a faster pace.  I chose the later.  Looking at the recorded data, I was quite proud of myself.  Though the same track and time, it was a very different feel compared to the previous year’s experience.  Probably I’m fitter and have a better stamina now.  I’m able to control the pace and energy throughout this run.  I don’t feel terribly tired after the 5km run.  It was a good sign.  There were no stoppages at all and was able to push the pace at the end of the run.  The next step is to increase the mileage with no stoppages… the pace is secondary now.  My plan is to decrease the number of stoppages as much as possible.



A popular place for bridal photography shooting.


Summary of the run

  • Cumulative time: 35:30
  • Average Pace: 6:52 mins (best pace 4:51 mins)
  • Average Run Cadence: 180 spm (max cadence 191 spm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.81 m
  • Elevation: Gain 18 m, Loss 2 m
  • Temperature: Avg 30.8 °C, Min 30.0 °C, Max 32.0 °C


View the video here –> https://www.relive.cc/view/1089222685



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