Running @ Botanic Walk – 25July2017


New Doc 2017-07-22_1
Map signboard at the park


The intended 2 rounds of running at Botanic Walk had not been easy for me today. The first round was a walk-a-lot and run-a-little of 4 KM. It was really a suffering due to my Plantar Fasciitis problem. Tried very hard to shake it off. Then the non-stoppages run form came in the second round. This time I ran non-stop. Really happy with the result.  At one point of the second round (near 2nd km mark), I’d felt that there was some runner tailing me.  With my non-stop pace, I’d managed to shake them further away.  However, one of the runners overtook me with a stronger pace at around the 3km mark.  However, he was clearly struggling at a later point which I’d overtook him back.  This type of pacing training was really good, it helped me to be patient and stick to my pace and overtake when the time permits.  One of his friends added me on Strava.


The reason for the recent non-stop runs was due to 2 reasons or motivation:

  1. Pasem 1KC – need to cover 9.5km per day until 9 Sept 2017
  2. Leaderboard in Ho Kee Chan Strava club


Non-stoppages pace from 3.5 km



Summary of the run

  • Cumulative time: 1:01:34
  • Average Pace: 7:41 mins (best pace 4:38 mins)
  • Average Run Cadence: 165 spm (max cadence 243 spm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.79 m
  • Average Heart Rate:
  • Temperature: Avg 29.8 °C, Min 29.0 °C, Max 31.0 °C


The video of the run


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