Sea Bay Song – 26July2017

SEDEF: Sea Bay Song

Sea Bay Song is the order for today. It was not an easy workout for me, especially the Sit Up exercise. It actually bruised my buttock area…gosh.


Today’s menu:

  1. Push Up x 100
  2. Sit Up x 100
  3. Burpee x 25
  4. Walking Lunge x 50
  5. Jumping Jack x 100
  6. Burpee x 25
  7. Squat x 100
  8. Mountain Climber x 100

Words from Raymond:

“When the journey ahead seems impossible, take a long breath and remind yourself why you started it. Have faith.”

To view all Sea Bay Song work out write-up, please refer to here (



All Pains are temporary



The daily commitment

Thanks to the urgency to complete the remaining mileage of the Pasem 1KC 2nd edition that I’d volunteered in participated, I have to commit to at least a 9km per day of running mileage. The deadline is 9 Sept 2017. What have I got myself into this time, I sometimes wondered.

I ran 4km before the commencement of the SEDEF training. Tried to mix some new route around the stadium as running around the oval is kind of getting stale now for me.

I have been running daily since last Saturday. I found that by running daily, be it short or long, I’m able to sustain the effort to last the distance. Coupled with the physical training of SEDEF, I’d developed the core muscle to handle the punishing running mileage. This has resulted in me to be able to have fewer stoppages in all my run so far.

Mixing the route


My take away note from this run are:

  • The high cadence, especially in the gradual elevation outside the stadium all the way to the palace (Istana).
  • Able to have sub 7 min pace with less difficulty.


No stoppages


Summary of the run

  • Cumulative time: 27:00
  • Average Pace: 6:45 mins (best pace 5:13 mins)
  • Average Run Cadence: 180 spm (max cadence 195 spm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.83 m
  • Average Heart Rate: 156 bpm (max HR 183 bpm)
  • Elevation: Gain 47 m, Loss 20 m
  • Temperature: Avg 30.7 °C, Min 30.0 °C, Max 32.0 °C


This is the video of the run.


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