Fostering good neighbourhood spirit by running – 27July2017


Now, that is a good idea of running with your neighbour.  Why didn’t I thought of that before?  I was frantically running alone in my neighbourhood during my 1st version of Pasem 1KC last year. I should have organised a run with neighbours, that will ease my daily mileage.

The Bukit Tinggi Runners club was first suggested by Kwee Sia. He is the colleague to Lee Foo Kian aka Rabbit. What a small world.  Everybody seems to know somebody.  That is why Facebook is so successful in this area.  We have a common or mutual friend.

Today’s run was attended by Kwee Sia, Simon Liew and yours truly.  It was planned as a two loop at Botanic Walk. However, Simon Liew suggested to start the run from his house to Botanic Walk and back to his house. What a fantastic idea!! As you have to finish the run from Botanic Walk. There is no transportation from there back except running.

The run was divided into the following section:

  • 2.5 km – Simon Liew’s house to Botanic Walk
  • 4 km – one loop at Botanic Walk
  • 2.5 km – Botanic Walk to Simon Liew’s house

A total of 9 km run. Kwee Sia and Simon Liew were a fast and consistent runner. They hardly drop pace and maintain at 7mins or less. I was trying to keep up with them. Wasn’t easy, but nice, as the ‘pull factor’ was enough for me to carry on.

The condition of the road is not conducive due to the volume of traffic from BBT23 to Botanic Walk.  It broke my pace momentum and concentration, had to watch out for the incoming vehicle constantly.  The weather was nice at sun set, but yet the air was humid.  A lot of sweat gushing out of my body.

In summary, it was a really nice distance to run.  Looking forward to the next run.


Summary of the run

  • Cumulative time: 1:05:39
  • Average Pace: 7:17 mins (best pace 4:37 mins)
  • Average Run Cadence: 171 spm (max cadence 246 spm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.80 m
  • Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm (max HR 193 bpm)
  • Elevation: Gain 14 m, Loss 14 m
  • Temperature: Avg 30.0 °C, Min 28.0 °C, Max 33.0 °C


This is the video of the run.


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