Courting with the wet SRR LSD run – 30July2017

SRR LSD - 30July - map

A quick check on the weather forecast upon arrival said that it is likely to rain. The lighting of thunders can be seen on the horizon. This will not deter us runner to continue our planned run for today. In fact, most of us don’t bother this as we are eager to start our run. There were 5 AM runners – Ravi and Alex Wong. They are preparing for their Kuching marathon.

An unexpectedly large number of runner shown up today – the 6 am session. For which our chef, Ah Keong, underestimated the water in the station 2. But again, this is a small matter. As times went by, there isn’t any question like “Is it going to rain?” or “Is it raining there now?” sort of questions emerge in the chat room. This shows maturity amongst us runner in the SRR group now. Rain or shine, the LSD must go on.

Many faces of old and new attended today’s run. Uncle On, Rabbit, Seah sifu, Sim, to name a few. It is a good gathering of great runners. I was so excited and want to stay a little longer to chat with old friends. But the LSD must go on, and we started about 6:05 AM.


All runner started quite speedily. I was trying to contain my pace to 7+ mins. All was as plan until the first KM. Then everybody was putting on the real pace. I was trying to chase the pack of 12 runners that is in front of me (Master Chew, Goh, Tong Sir, Pua, Iris, Sandy, ….). This pack was at about 6-6:30 mins pace. It is not easy to chase them. It was about 2.5km that I manage to catch on with them. Their pace was consistent and I was trying my best to keep up, despite the slight needle-like pain at the left plantar fasciitis. It was like this kind of crazy pace until the first water station at 6+ km. It was definitely slightly above my comfortable pace. But it was good to push a little harder at the first segment of this run sometimes.

It took me about 2:50 mins stoppages in this first water station. Took a leak and breather at the same time. Some runners from this pack decided not to continue to the apartment route. So it only left me, Master Chew and Goh to continue the usual 20k LSD route.

The apartment route seems quite easy at this time around for me. I was wondering on the reason. The answer was that a heavy overcast and dark cloud was forming on the horizon. Making the air rich with oxygen and bringing the temperature down a few notch. I was able to use this opportunity to push the pace, especially the slope, passing Duta 2 entrance and towards Ecopark. At this time I was discussing with Master Chew and Goh on the plan to skip the Tenby hill, which both agreed at first. As we were approaching the last roundabout to the entrance of Tenby hill, Master Chew and Goh decided to change the plan. So, we went up the Tenby hill, a sound and excellent decision.

Just as we exited the Tenby hill, rain started to drizzle, and soon turn to a heavy downpour. It was really nice as all of us caught on the second-wind. Master Chew seems able to increase his pace together with Goh just right behind. I was struggling a bit with a few more drop pace. Nevertheless, I told myself to keep moving and less walking. I was chasing Master Chew and Goh until the exit of Ecopark. But they seem sped off from there. Low on energy, I realised that I have a pack of salt-stick in my pouch. Took a tablet (tried chewing it)…very salty.

Met TiTi May (May Lim) just outside Setia Mall. She was seen walking and running a bit. According to her, she was not familiar with the route. So I’d shown her the way and we ran a bit together. She then returns the favour and highlighted that I was dragging my feet and I ought to lift my feet higher in order to conserve more energy. I’d tried it, and not only it saves energy but I was able to increase the pace. Though I felt a bit of pull in my calf and hamstring area, manageable. She also mentions that I should take notice of my running form. At the entrance to the base, we decided to sprint with all we got. Fuhhh…it was exhilarating.


The master and the apprentices


SRR LSD - 30July - performance

Summary of the run

  • Cumulative time: 2:27:59
  • Average Pace: 7:14 mins (best pace 5:03 mins)
  • Average Run Cadence: 177 spm (max cadence 241 spm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.78 m
  • Average Heart Rate: 162 bpm (max HR 185 bpm)
  • Elevation: Gain 116 m, Loss 155 m
  • Temperature: Avg 28.2 °C, Min 26.0 °C, Max 30.0 °C

This is the video of the run.

The good

  • Cadences seem to be at satisfactory level.
  • According to Master, as long as you keep moving non-stop, the cadences will present itself. Not to worry too much on the steps-per-minute.
  • The first segment (1st water station) is getting easier without stoppages.
  • The overall segment of the route seems to be getting easier with less difficulty.

Need improvement

  • Must minimise the stoppages or drop pace.
  • Review back the running form and leg lifts, to make the run more energy-efficient.

Summary of my stoppages/drop pace

These were the rough calculation of my total stoppages or dropped pace today. A total of seven (7) and total of about 9 mins.

  1. 42-45 (3 min) – 1st water station
  2. 1:25-1:26 (1 min) – 2nd water station
  3. 1:27-1:27:30 (30 sec)
  4. 1:52-1:53 (1 min) – Ecopark Tenby hill
  5. 1:58-1:59 (1 min) – Ecopark
  6. 2:03-2:04 (1 min) – Between the Ecopark exit and Setia Mall entrance
  7. 2:13-2:14 (1 min) – Setia Mall curve


Special Note from Master Chew:

Surprisingly, there were quite a big turnout of runners in this morning 20k LSD training @ SBA Setia Alam. Abt 40 runners or could be more. Only Alex Wong & Ravi ran 30k; they started @5am. For some runners it’s just a recovery run after last weekend’s Cultra race event. Started off a few minutes after 6am under warm & humid conditions. Unexpectedly, abt 8am there was a short spell of heavy downpour. It provided quite a cooling relief for those back pack runners. At the finishing line, as usual, there was ample provisions of refreshments(tong sui…) & fruits to quench tired runners thirst & hunger pangs. And very special thanks to Kpac Durian Boss for providing papayas & mangosteens for all the members.

Special mention & thanks to the following runners for your kind support & attendance:-

Alvin, Boo, Boon Kiat, See How, Kam, Leon Leow, Chin Huat, Ravi, Alex, Rabbit, SS Lai, CK Teh, Kar Chun, Siew Onn, Simon, Tong Sir, Pua, Chin Heng, Wendy/daughter, Seah, Sim, Kwang/wife, Jason, Sandy, Iris Ng, CP Lim, Ah Keong, Big Jack, Mong Shan, Wai Meng, Lye Hock, Jeffrey Lim, Anthony Mok (new comer), Koh Chee Cheong, Yi Fang, Lay Hoon, Peter, Leng Tiong, May Lim …..

Tips to run in rain


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