Close encounter of the DNS (Did-Not-Start) SRR LSD run – 6Aug2017


Master called at 5:03 AM, which I thought was unusual. And it suddenly occurred to me that I was really-really late, as I was still at home at that time.  What had happened to me, I wasn’t my usual self,  today.  Rushing out from the house without realising my left front tyre was low in air pressure.  Speeding as fast as I could and by passing quite a number of traffic lights. I’d noticed an unusual imbalance of the steering wheel (but was too busy to notice). Up until the High School area, I’d heard a loud noise coming out from that area. My fear was confirmed when I wind down the left front window. The whole car was slowed down. Struggling to find the nearest petrol station to pump the air pressure. However, I couldn’t pump any air into it as the pressure meter just wouldn’t budge a bit.

A quick call to Master Chew to inform him of the situation (I could sense his slight disappointment from his voice). 10 minutes was all I need to change the tyre. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the level of damage to the tyre, but I have no time to dwell on the situation. Rushing to Master Chew’s house without realising that he had walked to the petrol station from his house. So I had to make a u-turn to fetch him from the roadside of the Petron station at the opposite road.


Burst tyre.  Scary to look at it.  Multiple punctures (4 big holes) areas


We had arrived at MK Mamak Setia Alam around 5:50 am. Nobody was there, as all had started without us. A quick preparation and off we went to chase the runners who were 30minutes ahead of us. It is an impossible feat, but to which Master Chew thought was possible. He was really sure that we can still meet the last pack of a runner at the foot of Dragon Back. We were running at a faster pace than usual. I was catching my breath as it would normally take me 2km to 3km to find my breathing rhythm.

In the rush, I realised that I forgot my headlamp. It was too late to go back, so we just had to carry on running without it in the dark. We were running in total darkness along the apartment and Bliss Garden stretch. Due to that, I can see the sky full of stars. Magnificient view indeed. That’s the phrase of running under the stars.  Well, if it wasn’t for Master Chew, I would have given up today’s run as it will be unlikely for me to run alone in total darkness 🙂

I have not stopped running since the last week’s LSD at SBA. I could felt the fatigues and the tightness in my legs. I kept telling my self, this is the last run of the week, after this I shall be able to relax my feet with ice water and have a good rest.

Week number 31

This should be my most consistent pace so far. Totally non-stop. My body was totally drenched by the time we enter the kampung road stretch. Then I found my rhythm which I could steady my pace and stride. Soon we’d reached the foot of Dragon Back…about 5.5km. A quick gulp of water at the 1st water station and pop-in a salt-stick, we began the climb of the first hill slope. It was not easy for me after a fast pace at the first segment of 5km. As soon as we’d passed the first hill slope, we could see some blinkers in the horizon. We were ecstatic to have finally able to chase to the last pack of runners. Quietly chase up to them right before the second hill slope. They were CP Lim, Tony Lim, Lee Anne, Eng and Wendy. Little did we know that they had started just 15 minutes ahead of us (instead of 30 mins) and that they had taken a wrong turn at the Bliss Garden. No wonder we are able to chase them. Nevertheless, I was very happy with my performance. It gave a little extra motivation to start the run with high pace than the usual.

There are multiple events today namely the Centro Run (in Centro Klang), The Great Run (Setia Alam) and a biking event happening in Dragon Back itself. As we were making a u-turn at the other side of Dragon Back, the organiser/volunteer had warned us of the incoming bicycles (at high speed) and that asked us to stay at the side of the road.



There were some beautiful scenes taken by our fellow runners, Chong Yit Mei.


After a considerably long stop watching and urging for those riders in the biking event, it is time to move on. I even urged the pack to do a sub3 finishing, as they are visibly fatigued from the long stop. I’d pushed on past the dessert hill and the last hill. Running non-stop at the Kampung stretch. It is not easy at all to be at that pace, especially after all those Dragon Back hills.

There was a reason for our slow pace.  Have you noticed the board in the background? “Awas.  Kurangkan Laju“… “Caution, Reduce Speed”  hahaha

Chilling at the beautiful Setia Alam Urban Park.  Regaining energy through the delicious ‘Tong Sui’, Watermelon, 100 Plus, bananas…just sumptuous.


Summary of the run

High cadences in the 1st segment and last segment
  • Distance: 21.01 km
  • Venue: Urban Park to Dragon Back
  • Cumulative time: 2:49:17
  • Average Pace: 8:04 mins (best pace 5:25 mins)
  • Average Run Cadence: 165 spm (max cadence 246 spm)
  • Average Heart Rate: 161 bpm (max HR 190 bpm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.75 m
  • Elevation: Gain 283 m, Loss 285 m
  • Temperature: Avg 26.5 °C, Min 25.0 °C, Max 29.0 °C
  • VO2Max: 43 ml / kg / min
  • Aerobic Training Effect (TE): 3.2

Reflection of my run

  • In comparison with the last training using the same route on 16 July 2017, I can see some improvement in both pace and overall timing.  Even though I’d missed the sub3 by merely 40 seconds, I know it is achievable. I shall strive harder in the next round.
  • I could have given up the run after the unpleasant tyre burst case. But it goes to show that when you focus on your objective, you can achieve what you set out to do in the first thing. Don’t let turn of events derail you from your target. Since I was out of the house to do LSD, why don’t I continue to do so, though I was late by 30 minutes. Late was better than DNS and not doing anything.
  • Today’s weather was really cool with the breeze during the entire run. This is part of the reason that I can sustain the pace.
  • Pushing yourself beyond fatigues, sometimes can improve your performance and level of fitness. My VO2Max was back to 43 after a 3.2 Training Effect was archived today.
  • I like this quote that “Life is a journey and not a destination… Find a Way“.  “None of us goes through this life without headaches and obstacles, without turmoil. But if you believe and you have faith and you can get knocked down and get back up again and you believe in perseverance as a great human quality, and you’ll find your way” – Diana Nyad
  • “When you achieve your dreams, it’s not so much of what you get, but as who you have become in achieving them.” – Henry David Thoreau


This is the video of the run here


You can read all the other Dragon Back SRR LSD training at here (


A note from Master Chew

A Note of Appreciation & Gratitude ~ This morning LSD training, never expected there were refreshments, tong sui & fruits provided at the finishing point (Ah Keong was participating at the Centro Run). SRR would like to extend our appreciation & gratitude to Ah Keong’s wife for the time & efforts spent preparing & taking the trouble to deliver it to the finishing place @ Urban Park. Not many people were willing to do it. Doing it NO PAY & NO COMPLAINT. Very appreciative of her efforts very much. Hope Iris Ng can relay this note of appreciation & gratitude to your Mom & Dad. A very special Thank You.

Special thanks also to SRR runners for your kind support & attendance :-

LeeAnne, Eng Bee Tiing, Yit Mei, Wendy, Simon, Boon Kiat, Ravi, Charlie, Anthony, Jason/wife, Eddie/wife, CP Lim, Koh Chee Chong, Kam, Jace Kee, Teh Kok Ming, Jeff Liong……


Teddy Roosevelt quote

“You go ahead.

You go ahead and sit back in your comfortable chair and you be the critic, you be the observer,

while the brave one gets in the ring and engages and gets bloody and gets dirty and fails over and over and over again,

but yet isn’t afraid and isn’t timid and lives life in a bold way.”


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