Poker Cardio – 7Aug2017

The last poker cardio I had was back in 27 Mar 2017. It sounded like a long time ago wasn’t it?

The strong breeze and dark clouds were forming. Threatening to rain. It is always this scenario whenever Poker Cardio was held here in Setia Central Park. Perhaps it was mere coincidence.

15 rounds of ‘russian roulette’. (For more information on the rules, refer to this article). For whatever reason or by luck, Burpee is on a row. It is always the case. Both my knees and thighs were shaking and wobbling. According to coach, only female members were allowed to draw the cards. He said it is a tradition.

Anyway, we just did 13 rounds as most members were throwing the white towels and also due poor air quality. Burning smell, haze like smell.

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See you at the next SEDEF workout.


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