SEDEF Ai Meh – 9Aug2017

The weather condition was never an obstacle to SEDEF workout. It was a rainy day this evening but did it stop the SEDEF members from attending the scheduled workout? The answer is a resounding NO. Rain or shine, SEDEF workout will go on.

After a deserving rest yesterday, it gave more power to my run today. Did a 10km run at the stadium which includes a hilly slope just outside the stadium and to the recreation centre opposite to the Istana.

Ran with both Rachel and Hooi Chee, for the second loop to the recreation centre hill. Just as we reached the Klang Club, we had witnessed a motorcycle accident. An elderly man’s bike skidded while trying to avoid a truck offloading beer at the roadside (Klang Club). As I was the one nearest to him, trying to help him up on his feet but without realising that his feet were underneath his bike. He said, “oh my leg”…gosh …paiseh la uncle. So, I lifted the bike to one side and helped him up. He seems alright and able to walk. Just a little bruises on his right hand with blood.

So after that, we had decided to return to the safe running ground of the stadium, as the traffic is picking up at the peak hour.

With the drenched body from head to toe, I’d asked coach the menu for today. He chuckled and replied Ai Meh. Walaueh, my body already shiver with fear and my knee and tights already wobble to the call of 100 burpee that is coming our way.

Today’s menu

  • (Push Up x 10) x 5
  • Squat x 50
  • (Burpee x 10) x 10
  • (Push Up x 10) x 5
  • Squat x 50

Words from SEDEF

When you are under pressure, do burpees. Your body would produce all kinds of happy hormones, and your problem would seem so small and so insignificant.

See you at the next SEDEF workout.


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