The return of the 30k SRR LSD training – 13Aug2017

SRR LSD - 13Aug2017 - map

It was about 4 months ago that we had our last 30k LSD training – 23 Apr 2017 to be exact.  My 3:30 am alarm has been dormant for many moons.  It was dug out from the closet which was filled with dust. Ya, that was how long I had to wake up that early.  A quick check with the Google Assistant said that it is likely to rain.  The weather was over casting and came with some cool breeze.  A welcome condition for a long run ahead.

The crazy runners who woke up early every Sunday for an excruciating long run

It was encouraging to see so many runners turned up for the 5 am session. (I come to know that more runners in the 6 am session). This could easily be the highest attendance for the SRR LSD for quite some time.  Calculated from the photo, there were about 56 runners.  Some already left before the group photo was taken.  Normally large turn up when a major marathon is in the corner. But today was quite something else. Good to see the maturity of this running club had arrived.

We started about 5 minutes past 5 am. Quite a chatty bunch we were 🙂 Everybody was moving quite speedily when the whistle was blown by Chin Heng. I’d ran in a 6:30min pace. No wonder I was panting and puffing away.  Plus that I was running on a daily basis this week. Legs were a little wobbly and heavy. The Plantar Fasciitis (PF) was not making things easier either. Not bothered by these nagging element, I’d surged on stubbornly.

It would normally take about 3-4km to shake off the pain at my PF.  However, it took less than 2km to recover.  Could be due to the daily running these 2 weeks.  The pace was faster than my normal threshold.  I was planning to do 8mins pace for 30km, which will take me 4 hours to complete.  The 6+ min helped to save a couple of minutes off the total time to reach 30k.

I was trying to stay close with the front pack but they were just too fast.  I think they were at 6:30min pace.  I soon found myself dropping off from the leading pack (as expected), but a little ahead of others.  I sort of belongs to a middle pack runner now (really motivated by that).  Master Chew was just pressing the turbo peddle and went ahead with the leading pack.  I’d drop to the 7+ min pace and running with Tony Lim.  The pack of Sandy Woo and Xin Yun soon over took us at KM 4 mark.  And we were chasing them from there onwards.  Taken the first salt stick at the 1st water station, didn’t stop for long in order to shorten the gap with the leading pack.

We continued towards the 2nd water station and caught on the pack at the exit of the apartment.  A quick look at the watch showed that I was ahead of my target to reach the water station.  My plan is to be there before 7 am.  I was delighted to find out I had reached the 2nd water station around 6:38 AM.  Took a couple of cool 100Plus drinks, a banana and another at hand.  Stopped there for some time, to catch some breath and relaxing the legs.  We were on our way to continue the journey.  After the recharge, Sandy and Xin Yun sort of ran ahead quite a distance from me.  Some 300m.  It is chasing time again.  Walked a little bit to get back the rhythm and burping the gas from the 100plus I had a little while ago.  Soon I was able to overtake them at around 15km mark.  They seemed to slow down.  Then I was contemplating to enter the apartment stretch or not.  I was asking Tony Lim for opinion, which his answer was “want to enter pun boleh, tak mau pun ok”… good answer, so we went in.  Sandy and Xin Yun didn’t follow us in.

At the first turning of reentering the apartment area, Tony just leave me in the dust.  I was running alone from that point onwards until the end.  Saw many 6 AM session runners, like Eng Tong, Pua, Eng, Sandy Joon, CP Lim, Eddie Tee, Jeff Liong, Goh Kar Chun etc.  At this point, my legs (calfs) were getting heavier.  But I still kept peddling on the cadences.  This is the effect of running alone… the strength of the mind must take over.  When exiting the apartment area, I was just in walking mode.  I think I’d walk for almost few hundred meters.  Rabbit and CM who were at the back of me all these while, just overtake me at this stretch.  There were an unusual number of cars seen in Duta2 – parked by the road side.  Saw Jack Khoo there as well.  It seems like a special seminar on trail rescue by the bomba.

Now the chasing target had changed to CM and Rabbit.  Focused my vision on them, not wanting to lose sight.  Wasn’t easy with Rabbit’s Chi running and light feet.  CM was clearly struggling, but hey so was I hahaha.  Took the 2nd salt stick when entering the Ecopark.  At this time, I could see many runners were exiting Ecopark – phycological sets in – to take the short cut.  Mind got to be strong…no short cut!!  Didn’t stop long at the 3rd water station this time, as I was targeting CM.  A quick look at the watch tells that I still on target for my PB for 21km (just another motivation for me to keep moving).  I find that this is one of my methods to keep myself moving and not stopping.  Remember I was running alone – hallucination sets in fairly quickly and ferociously.

Oh man, climbing the Tenby hill was torturous.  At this time, my whole body was completely drenched.  After making the round at the peak of Tenby, I had reached the 21km mark.  Had not achieved PB but close.  Due to so many drop-pace and stoppages.  Shall minimise that to save even more time to reach this point. I felt heaviness on my calves, ankles and whole leg. I remembered that this could be the way I land my feet while running. So I consciously land in mid foot with a slide drag to move forward. This had saved a little bit of energy and move forward faster.  On the way to the Ecopark exit, I’d walk a bit with CM.  He was almost spent at that time.  At the exit of EcoPark, I’d pop in the 3rd and final salt stick.

I’d took the longest walk with CM for this run – about 500m.  Then CM decided not to enter the Setia Mall stretch, which left me again running alone.  I was the last one running at that stretch.  I’m always running alone in this stretch.  With minimal cars at those junctions, only the sound from my foot peddling the road and my breathing.  It was serene feeling actually – coupled with the cool breeze.  I just felt like taking off my shoes and relax a bit sitting down in front of the Top Glove building.  But I can’t do that, as the finishing line is so near.  See how my mind played the trick like this.  Self-talk and affirmation are needed at this point.  At the last stretch, I saw JP Leong.  He was running alone.  Ahhh…another visible target to keep my mind focus.  Chasing time.

At the entrance to the SBA, Master Chew was there waiting.  It was strange I thought.  Then he told me and JP that the entire SRR runners were waiting for us for the group photo.  I was really touched by that gesture.  So, I ran the last stretch with all energy I had left.  When reaching the finishing point, I was greeted with encouragement and clapping.  It was a sight to remember.  Though my knees were wobbling and muscles were screaming for oxygen, the gesture just warmed my defeated spirit.  The pains seem to subside in an instant at that moment.  What an amazing runner club SRR is.  I really love you all, SRR.  Thank you SRR!!!


Summary of my run:

This should be my PB pace (sub 8 mins) for the entire 27 km route.  I’d tried my best to minimise the drop-pace and stoppages, but I think I would need more training.  This could be due to fatigue from the nonstop running over the week.  Overall I felt that I was stronger facing this run compared to previous 30k LSD run.  I could handle the mileage for a longer time.

SRR LSD - 13Aug2017 - performance

  • Distance: 27.04 km run
  • Venue: Setia Badminton Academy
  • Cumulative time: 3:34:28
  • Average Pace: 7:56 mins (best pace 4:59 mins)
  • Average Run Cadence: 168 spm (max cadence 246 spm)
  • Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm (max HR 192 bpm)
  • Average Stride Length: 0.76 m
  • Elevation: Gain 158 m, Loss 186 m
  • Temperature: Avg 27.6 °C, Min 26.0 °C, Max 29.0 °C
  • VO2Max: 42 ml / kg / min
  • Aerobic Training Effect (TE): 3.5

Video of my run

Words from Master Chew:

What a nice & cooling weather, perfect setting for this Sunday morning 20k & 30k LSD training run. ~ around 50+ crazy early morning SRR runners.

Special thanks for the support & appreciation to the following runners :-

LeeAnne, Yit Mei, Mohan, Tony, Simon, Jeff Liong, Yi Fang, Anthony, Ah Keong, Chee Chong, Kok Ming, William Chua, Lye Hock, CK Teh, Alvin Mah, Adrian, Albert Goh, Rabbit, Jimmy Teh, Chin Huat, JP Leong, Leon Leow, Hoi Leong, Jesslyn, Kam, Jeffrey Lim, Bee Eng, Hooi Chee, Courtney, Sek Ling, Candy, Soon Hup, Jace Kee, Jacky, Sandy Joon, Eddie Ng/wife, Chin Heng, Wendy, Tong Sir, Pua, Jason Ng, Sandy Woo, Iris Ng Xin Yun, See How, Kho, Charlie, Kar Chun, Bota Ong, CP Lim, Boon Kiat, Kit Xiang, Eddie Tee, Ing Yoke Theng, Tee Meng Fatt


See you at the next SRR LSD training.


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